pretty poison

Oh what pretty poison you’ve made,
Wrapped nice and neat,
The bottle is so captivating, just another look…
The time it took,
That sweet liquid would taste divine down my throat,
Give it here,
Let me have just a little taste,
I promise to make it worth your while,
Just a taste,
I need it, just to feel again,
To let myself be wrapped in your love,
Visions dance inside my lids,
Eager to make them a reality,
I reach for you,
To find you dancing through my fingertips,
As thought you know the dangers that are warned,
Do not take with food,
Do not mix with love,
I can’t help myself; I never read the fine print,
And I indulged myself just enough until I regret my choice,
And yet, continue to make the same ones time and time again,
Oh, what a intoxicating liquor you have,
Let me try a sip,
I promise, only a taste…

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