love bites in the dark

I do not want to know your dreams, nor who you are outside these four walls,
All I need is your moans in my ears, love bites dancing along my hips,
Your fingers caresses the most intimate part of my body,
Waiting for a touch of magic to send me over the edge.

So take me deep and pull my hair hard,
And I will arch and scream in a way only a lover could,
Not knowing our lives outside this moment.
Take me down, mouth on me and teeth biting hard,
Little love marks that seem to dance in the dark.
Let me know there is no other but you that will make be squirm this way,
And on my knees I will open wide for you,
Ready to take in your taboo and sin, cock and all.

Sex with a stranger is thrilling and unsettling,
With just the right amount of danger to turn me on,
So look at me with eyes that do not know who I am,
Nor the personality traits I carry and let me sink into you,
Pussy wet, cock hard, let us fuck ourselves raw,
Until I see stars and groans are the only sounds you can make,
So scandalous, our love trapped in between reality and fantasy,
But I’ve made too many errors to be trapped by your glorified love.


Is it exhausting,
Looking for excuses,
Looking for anything to make you not look like an asshole,
The type of guy, who walks away when things get hard,
Who can stick around as the side effects take hold…
Is it hard?
Sleeping so soundly while the rest of me bleeds,
Clinging to the promises you feed me while intoxicated,
I drank it all,
I wasn’t looking for any of this,
But you crashed into me,
And I had no choice but to help you up off the sidewalk
Clean you up, sober and bright eyed,Didn’t know that was part of your charm to entice
me further,
Down and down,
I ended up sprawled on that same side walk,
Watching you pick yourself up and walk away,
Leaving me to clean up the mess you left me in.

timeless love

I love hearing your voice,
Little snippets you place when you think no one is listening,
It’s mesmerizing.
Caught in your tenor,
The octaves captivate me,
Love me with your best versions,
And let me learn form your worst,
Because there can’t be anything wrong with learning to make something perfect,
Is that how you view us?
Perfect…it’s so hard for me to see you the way you see me,
I’ve been burned, jaded and scorned,
And I know you have too,
But when you found me,
Your scars stitched themselves together and began to heal,
Your smile got wider and the cloud over your heart turned white and light,
And I hope you know you changed me,
My hearts wall dropped to let you climb over,
And my body didn’t shake when you gripped too tightly,
Our kisses changed our lives,
And I love you, and the way you love me,
So please still be patient with me.
I’m healing
The way you are,
But you seem to have closed your wounds faster than I,
Our love will be timeless I know,
But it’s okay to take our time getting there.

glass of chaos

The glass is too close,
Top it off, and it hangs off the edge,
What have you done to me?
I never used to cling to the bottle,
There was never a comfort in the liquid that burned my throat,
But when you crashed into me,
That changed,
Everything about you was chaos,
Beautiful and abrupt and wild and in love,
But you weren’t a constant,
Not yet anyway,
So I needed to find something, anything, to cling to in the chaos of you,
And the bottle, the glass of whatever I poured at the time,
That was it; it was there, helping me relax,
Helping me come to terms with my new reality of you,
And I’m not saying it was the best choice I’ve made,
But it was a natural one,
And that should scare me,
But… I can’t bring myself to be afraid,
Not of the poison that carries me through,
But that it keeps me immune from your chaos,
(until you become too much and I drink and drink and throw it all away
only to open another bottle as the sun fades in the sky and the stars call for me)
So top me off, I’ve grown used the edge by now,
And lets see how long I can hang off the edge until chaos explodes.

with you,

Living, laughing with you,
It was everything I needed,
And yet I still find myself closed off at certain exits,
To keep myself safe?
To keep you safe…?
I can’t bring myself to answer those questions honestly,
Not yet, but that doesn’t make sense,
Because its been years,
By now my barriers should have broken down,
The rains and storms torn at it, little by little,
And still,
Instinct kicks in and my guards are up,


Even with you,
And I hate it, but I cant stop it,
Because it kept me save, hidden all these years,
SO there has to be something there,
Something, it has to be,
Because then I would be able to make some sense of it,
It has to be, has to have a reason,
Jesus, please.
Living and laughing changed when I met you,
Maybe it simply takes time,
( jesus please..)

letters from an airport

Letters from the airport,
Written in haste, desperate,
Last words penned with tearstains and heart breaks,
Forgotten words from an unforgettable moment in their lives,
I wrote to you once in here,
On a whim,
With nothing left to say, and everything to lose,
I wrote my thoughts and feelings on a napkin from the bar I sat at,
And it was the most honest and raw letter I ever wrote,

Maybe it was the scenery,
The fact that I was leaving this place,
And there was no way you’d find me hidden in the back of the neon glare,
I wonder what you’ll think,
When you read this,
Will it change anything?
I guess I’ll never know,
And maybe that’s the appeal,
Ill never know until you decide to tell me otherwise,
I have to go now,
Can’t miss my flight,
How awkward would that be after all this?

(I’ll make sure to glance out the window one last time, in case you come running after me)

seasons change

Seasons changed,
The leaves fell and fresh ones took their place,
And still I miss you as though you left yesterday.
It’s been long, too long; I still follow you down this path,
Trying to make sense of why,
But there’s a beauty in not understanding,
Not knowing,
Because I will never have to admit you left willingly,
That you chose something else, something that wasn’t me,
And that you found happiness in the arms of someone else,
I deluded myself, thinking our forever meant just the two of us,
But the seasons change, consistent and pushing me through life,
And I wish I didn’t look for your face in the crowd still,
That I wasn’t wishing on every shooting star in the summer sky
Or every fallen crunched leaf on the curb,
That you would find your way back to me…