Loving You in the Dark

Loving you in the dark,
These words tainted as they drip from my lips to yours,
Shrouded in the best form of that crazy kind of love,
I can’t help myself, crying out words that would have a saint blush,
And a sinner grovel in praise.
Lets hide away in the dark, slip your hands down lower, lower…there,
And lets explore the hidden truths we find buried between them.

Honey liquid, lapped from between my legs,
Your tongue whispers the words you’re afraid to speak,
Let each pretty lie and that terrifying truth dance on my breasts,
The best and worst parts of this love,
And I can’t help but to wonder, what makes a pair of lovers like us?
Those that bleed and cry, those that fall in love so passionately and quickly,
Eager to start a life wrapped in each other…
I can’t find the fault in you that would make me run,
Rather, easy come easy go, my body accustom to the pressure on a stranger on top of me, each touch different yet thrilling in their unknown.
But your touch stops me in my tracks,
The way your fingers trace my face,
The way they trail down my body, your eyes quick to follow.
And I can feel myself heat up at the mere thought.
My sex dripping and you’ve yet to touch me.
Maybe that’s the affect of love on the brain, the way you fuck me into remembering only your touch, your cries and the way the sound ringing off my walls,
And I’ll do my best to trap them within my heart, or at least, the path up to her.

Legs shaking, these heels can’t seem to hold the weight of your love,
So take me hard one last time, let the bruises on my hips be a way to remember you by, the best traces of you left on my skin, take all you want…
From behind, let my ass slap against your hips, rhythmic and seductive,
Force my head into the sheets, gasping and moaning for each breathe,
Make me feel each thrust, each sharp drive further and further into the very best part of me,
And catch me as I fall apart underneath you,
Shaking and moaning from the pressure that finally releases through you,
And I promise that this sex will unfold the best-kept secret.
One day, I’ll be able to love you in the light,
The sun reflecting off our bodies as we lay in the aftermath of this sinful glory,
But for now, let me love you in the dark, because it’s the best way I know how.


i miss you…

God, I can’t get you out of my head,
You’re stuck with me no matter how much I try to erase you.
Seeing you in the faces of strangers,
Or worse, in those I’ve made a part of my life after you,
Why, why, why? I know there’s unfinished business,
But you’re gone and there’s nothing I can do,
Just like when you were here, and I couldn’t do anything more than what I thought was best.

I try and try, I wanna be near you always, but I know, god, I know I can’t.
No matter who I’m with, past, present
I desperately want my future to be with you.
(Even though fate has decided that wasn’t the path we were meant to take),
Why must we make these big decisions when our hearts can’t make either without breaking?
Because I know if the choice was mine alone, I would chose you.
No matter how my heart would break, no matter how it never be the same without you.
I’d choose you. Over and over again, always, and that’s the problem.

We both know why that can’t be,
You’re gone and the only things you left me with are the memories that won’t leave me alone, and the reasons why I can never be with you that way again,
If I could I’d reset this all, I’d like to think I’d be strong enough to never have smiled at you,
Ignorance is bliss and I preferred to not know the feeling of missing you,
Because the way I was with you was too perfect for one heart to hold onto forever.
But until the day comes when I can stop thinking about you,
Your ghost will continue to haunt me.
And I can’t even be mad; because that’s the only way I can see you again
The only way to keep you close and relive the memories that plague me with every

the foundation of us

Oh, I want you all to myself,
The way your eyes light up whenever you spot me in the crowd,
The wrinkles that form snickering to harder when were together,
I want the morning kisses, the lazy ‘I love you’s’ that spill from our lips.
The little snarky remarks as we fight through the laughter and jokes
Oh I want to keep you trapped in these little moments of bliss,
Where the world doesn’t come between us, and the skies are endlessly blue,
Let us laugh our way though the ocean together,
Ready to take on any currents and storm, as long as we’re together.
And when we can’t remember the foundation of us,
Let us hope these memories will be enough to guide us back to each other,
Follow the red string of fate, the way the stars align,
Whatever it is that lead me to find you in this life,
And I’ll be waiting with open arms, ready to embrace you in everything you are.

moonlit sheets

Fantasy lover of mine,
Oh, how convenient of you to show yourself in the dead of night,
When there are no witnesses, not a living soul to see the havoc you wreck.
Come to me in the darkness;
Let me taste the sin
that drips from your tongue,
Corrupt my poor heart the way you shape my body to crave only you,
Oh the things I’ve imagine you to do with those hands,
Its nothing compared to the reality of the feeling of you all over me

I gasp and sigh, because it seems I can’t form any words,
They keep slipping further and further from my t
rain of thought,Oh I’m so caught up in you, this sinful fantasy,
You have me dripping, I hope you aren’t afraid of drowning in the ocean,
My sheets are covered in the honey you coax out of me,
Soaking wet, I can’t help but to slip up form time to time,
Giving into the demands of my body,
The pleas of my heart; breathless as they leave my throat—the ‘i love you’ falling unconsciously from my lips.
And thank god you’re there to catch me as I leap of the edge,
Silent screams crawl there way up from my core,
I never want to come off this high you created.

And when I can’t think I can’t handle anymore,
When my legs are shaky, unable to carry the weight of you,
Grip my hips and push my over my brink one more time,
Stars erupt in my eyes, convulsing, as they burn bright,
Our breath mingles in the moans and pants of the aftermath.
Let you roll over into my curves,
Trailing kisses down, down, down…
My poor, poorheart could never fight against this love.
Deny and fight all I like, but you knew just how to sneak under my defenses.
So keep come back to me, dear lover of mine,
And let is continue to explore the sins we have left in the dark,
And bury them in moonlit sheets.

rose shards

Beauty in the contradictions we claim,
I always liked my view of the world through rose shards,
Tasting the liquor as it burns down my throat,
The crystal always more a comfort in my hand then I’d care to admit.
I’ll keep my regrets at the bottom of each glass I finish,
Each filled higher and higher with every promise broken,
Every lost friendship and crack embedded into my heart,
Hardening the parts of me exposed to the elements,
Their cracks deepening with each storm and fire storm.So bottoms up, lets d
own each drink with a little more vigor than the last,
Because it seems to be the only thing keeping me in check,
(But the glass seems to fill faster each time I reach over).
My view has gotten to hazy to remember why I wanted to stop,
And the list continues to grow, as does my need to drown at the bottom.
Let these problems find me in the morning light,
When my head is pounding and my mind remembers the worst of it,
But for now, cheers all around, because ignorance is bliss and I plan to drink until I can
remember is how the world looked through the rose shards.

lost in her wishes

Can you handle me in all my flaws?
The girl who runs from love in the middle of the night,
Taking with her a chance of happiness, but the security of a less jaded heart
The one who remembers to forget with the morning sunrise,
Blowing away each kiss, each promise like a dandelion in the wind.
Can you handle me with my imperfections, my beautiful contradictions,
A girl who knows how to find the beauty in the broken shards,
Solace in the quiet of the night,
Lost in her wishes on each fallen star.

in vino veritas

When did the bottle stop holding secrets?
When did its comforting weight and ruby red liquid stop intoxicating my heart?
When, when, when…all questions I still don’t have the answers to
As I stare at the bottom of the glass, waiting to pour myself another round.
The liquid swirls in the circles,
Cascading down the glass, trails of love dripping their way back to its ocean,
Drops never to be relived in the moment of their singularity.