butterfly wings

Let’s float away on butterflies wings,

Not a care in the world, just me and you, falling in love under a blue sky. The sun breaking through the clouds, sunlight flittering through the broken leaves,

Let it cast a glow on you and me, shimmering and fading. So one can’t tell where I end and you begin.

Is that how love is? Forbidden in its nature, untouchable for fear it will crack under too much pressure.

But so, so beautiful, bled from the most vivid colors and imaginations. Gently grasping at the soul but as fleeting as a butterflies wings, soft and dreamlike.

Let’s float away on butterfly wings, letting the wind take us wherever it pleases, hoping it won’t stray us far from what we know.

Let’s watch our love grow and bloom, as breathtaking as the night sky, but just as fragile as it’s dying stars. Beautiful things are only meant to burn so brightly fo so long.

I wish, how I wish we could stay in a field of wildflowers forever, never letting the sun set, but the wind will die down and the sun will fade and once we land, those beautiful butterfly wings we loved on will scatter, fluttering up, up and away…


99 Proof

I always seem to find the words I want to say at the bottom of a glass,
Buried under hesitation and the unnecessary concern at other’s opinions.
Something about that poison loosens my tongue in ways that should be illegal,
And you always seem to find the buttons to push,
The ways to keep me in a drunken haze,
Clinging to only you, a lifeline on a sinking ship.

But its effects fade, the whiskey lingering in the worst ways.
So I find other ways to reach you.
Pour myself another glass, but we both know I’ve had too much when the glass drops, its contents pouring over the desk,
Blurring the words I’ve wrote to you a thousand times over,
Each word more and more pathetic, but I can’t help the need and desperation you bring out in me,
I can’t seem to quit, find any excuse to stalk your social media,
To text you randomly, if only to know you’re thinking of me too.
I can’t stop myself from subjecting my fragile heart to the torments of you.
Past, present and future, you’ll always have this strange hold on me.
And I hope to God this wont follow me through life,
But each drink I pour seems to find you.

I’ll pour myself into a bottle of 99 proof,
(Though I still hold onto the one percent…wishing you’d come in for the last call)
I haven’t been sober since I can’t remember when,
Words I’ve written, words I’ve said and have yet to still floating in my glass,
I can still find myself getting lost in the memory of your smile,
The way your laugh would carry me through a hangover,
I’m afraid I’ll never find that cure again.
No, no, no, these thoughts won’t leave me alone,
The more I drink the more I wish I could never forget you,
Because drunk me clings to you in ways that make me feel again,
But I know this can’t go on forever,
The high with drop with each breathe of oxygen to my lungs.
So let me sober up,
Pretend that you don’t intoxicate me anymore,
But… I’ll find you once more at the bottom of another bottle,
Because my addiction won’t let me stray for long.

Under Florescent Lights

So full of ourselves,
We know better than anyone that this could never produce anything good,
Wishing upon fallen stars, falling like fools,
We should’ve known better that a love built on that high had no place to go but down.
At least we had a few laughs, a couple drinks and some better nights then most,
But baby, that’s all we were.
Flushed under fluorescent lights,
Intoxicated on the high alone
We were never meant to more than who we were together.
And I’m learning that’s okay.
Or at least, I’m starting to learn perfection wasn’t in our cards.
Maybe you were just preparing me for another,
Maybe we needed to work on our issues together,
So we can be better versions of us for someone new…
Regardless, I know now we would have never outlasted the other,
Our pride clashed too strong, our stubborn hearts never willing to bend,
And for us, that was okay,
We were a moment, a singular scene of clarity for who we were,
And who we were on our way to becoming.
The ones flushed from the sunshine and not the moonlight,
Drunk on the feelings, not the bottom of another bottle,
So eager to fall into each other and not the next high.
So thank you, for giving me those small moments,
And letting me learn from the stories we created.

Drink Me Up

The literati mafia

All night baby,
I wished for you to be by my side,
And all night, my dreams clung to yours,
Desperate to keep you until the morning hour,
But dreams and meant for believers.
And we had never been those kind of people,
No matter how much we drank up that bullshit.
So my dreams cling to yours,
But the will never be what the other needs.
And still I’ll go to sleep each night dreaming of the ways we could be,
Because that’s the kind of bullshit we cling to,
A prayer for the hopeless dreamers.

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Across the Universe

*Wanted to give a special thanks to Braeden for this collaboration piece! Enjoy 🙂

Once upon a time,
I used to wish for a love like ours,
Once upon a time
I pondered that very phrase.
I sat under those bright stars beside you
and saw the words “forever” ring in my ears.
Or at least a love that the stars would forever engrave in themselves,
To be look upon with awe and wonder,

Questions of how did they over come the odds and make it to that kind of happiness,
A love worthy of songs and fairy tales and beauty,
As we gazed into each other’s eyes
I wanted to see a glimpse of happiness.
In my heart I could feel the world stop
but darling in my mind our lives continued. 

But I’m starting to find that once upon a time only begin once,
The moment had scratches and it was no longer clear to me.
The only clarity I saw was that we should no longer stare in the fairy tale and stare into reality.
And everything that falls in between is up to chance.
Love is just not a word in a song, card, or in a poem.
Love isn’t just displayed in a movie scene or a play.
Love requires action, consistency, and a splash of romance.

So darling, I could be your perfect once upon a disaster,
Tangles in the highest tower laced with thorns and roses, tasted in the last bite of the poisoned apple,
Or….or we can work to create a new fairy tale.
Once I threw our written fairy tale in the trash can I grabbed a note pad.
I wrote 10  reasons why I am madly in love with you.
I wrote 10 reasons why I want to be with you.
I tore this sheet out of the notepad and placed it on the refrigerator. 

Let the old stars die, fall with the hearts of those before us,
I don’t need a fairy tale nor a “Once Upon A Time” beginning.
Sweetheart, my love, I just need to be open, expressive, intuitive, caring, and considerate.
And lets give birth to a new galaxy full of stars that will shine and dazzle those who look up and wish a forever on once upon a time….
If I truly love you, every day that word “forever” will truly mean something.
Forever starts with my attitude, outlook, and the desire to show you how much you mean to me. 


lazy mornings

Sunlight filtering in, roll over to my side of the bed,It’s so early. Too early to think about the day ahead. So I’ll just sink into you. Cling to me like you do in the middle of the night, when no one is watching. Holding each other because we want to, wanting to be caught in the space with no one else. Where we can be just you and me in an infinite night. Wrap me up in your dreams, bury your face in my neck and trail kisses down my spine, make me laugh as you tease me, so natural, so uninhibited. Lazy mornings with you always make me smile as you sink into me.