Kisses In the Storm

Rolling through like unpredictable thunder,
Dark and threatening, yet the lightening that precedes you lights you up like a firework,
Though I’m sure I could find you in the worst of the storm,
You cling to its edge, taking down those in your path and dancing through the sky,
Never caring where you’ll end up,
Because you know the comfort of the storm, know it’s love, its kiss, its touch…
Have been held more than you care to admit by the grey clouds and heavy winds,
They say the rain will wash away our sins,
But how do you wash away a flood?
Where do you hide when you’re drowning in the sins you’ve created?
Rolling through, riding the lightening bolts as you dance though the clouds,
I have never seen a storm so perfect in her chaos,
So rain down on me, pour everything you have into this final thunderstorm.
Kiss me like we have nothing left to lose but the chaos in the storm
And maybe there will be a rainbow at the end of it all…


“It’s Just Emotions…Taking Over”

I get so emotional,

Thinking about the ways you’ve been able to affect me,
Not even the words that pour out of this mouth effect me the way you used to.
I can’t even describe the ways…I wish there were words, or actions or anything to help me cope with this,
But they’ve choked me; bled me out until all that was left remnants of who I used to be with you.
My tears have long since dried,
But I still feel you deep in my heart,
Shaking and shattering the best parts of me,
Because I never let myself be so dependent on someone else,
But you…you make it so easy I forget that I’m not suppose to let another control my thought and feelings.

I just need you to come over,

Calm me down off this emotional high,
The way only you know how to do,
Even though you have no idea the effect you have on me.
Because to tell you would let you in on all my secrets,
And I’m not ready for let you know them, not yet,
Even though you mean so much to me,
I still haven’t been able to figure out how to tell you, you make me nervous,
Make me think about things I’ve never though possible till now.
And I know, I know, I find these words to say at the worst times,
When Life gets in the way, when love seems to be the worst possible option,
I still know you’ll be ready to hear what I have to say,
Because that’s the kinds of love we have.
One ready to face the odds and come out on top, despite all the reasons it shouldn’t

dreaming with deaf stars

How many sunsets have gone by without you?
How many nights have gone by without the moon to guide my dreams to yours?
To may if you ask me, but the only ones who care are the stars,
Lingering in the black sky, casting a glow in the dead of night,
And they’ve been too busy granting wishes for fallen hearts to hear a broken soul like
But I keep waiting up for you to come home, for that side of the bed to be warm…

Keep praying, even on a starless night,
In hopes that my prayers will be heard,
And you’ll come home to be once more.
But I know that’s an empty promise,
My heart doesn’t have the strength to accept the truth,
Can’t fathom the reality I have to face each time my eyes open again.
That the reality without you is the one I must accept, every morning when my tired eyes
open to the blinding sun
In that still, solace of a moment when my mind and heart haven’t truly woken
And I can forget that you aren’t lying next to me.

Maybe that’s why I keep dreaming, keep wishing on those stars that don’t answer my
Because that’s all I have left of you,
The memory that falls onto the deaf stars and a heart that wishes for a change that will
never come.
Sure as the sun rises, I’ll keep counting the sunsets without you until I can’t remember why you aren’t lying next to me.

Nothing Sweeter than our Gentle Sin

The first time I kissed your lips, I felt shy,
Not in the way I was used to,
But in ways that had me eager to explore…wanting more and more of such an innocent touch.
I’d twine my fingers in your long hair,
Kissing you with anything I could, butterfly kisses, our hands pressing into each other,
And I’d be home, if only for a little while.
Those soft lips, I’d write thousands of words and never come close to describing this taboo innocence,
The way the felt, the pleasure they brought to a heart like mine.
Sweet, sweet feminine touches here and there,
Your breast heavy in my hands, as though touch for the first time.
You were so easy to love,
Sweet and gentle, the way every girl wishes she was loved,
Perhaps it was your way around the faults of human nature,
The call to be more than what we were at our present moment,
It had us falling in love with more than each other.
Without fear of being criticized for loving each other,
We soaked in the innocent love we made.
Never worrying about the tomorrow we’d never make it to…

the galaxies on our skin

All I can think about are your hand on me,
Running your fingers slowly over my hips,
The things you whisper in my ear have me more than just distracted.
I try to focus, but my imagination always gets the better of me,
She has me blushing and biting my lip,
Eyes daze, trailing down, down, down…

By the time you actually put your hands on me, I’m a mess,
Hot, sweaty, and so, so needy,
Dripping…and all you’ve done is tease me….
We both know I’ll pretend to fight,
Can’t tell you how desperately I need you out loud,
So I’ll let my body do most of the talking.
And she’ll tell you everything you need to hear.

Let me whisper things into your ear,
As I’m riding up and down up and down,
I can’t seem to stop my hips form shaking,
Nails digging into the back of your neck, teeth marks buried in both our necks….
I can’t help the moans you pull from the back of my throat,
Legs shaking as you try to gather your wits,
But baby, this love has the power to undone the best of me and you,
I know my sanity left the moment you pushed me into the back of my car.
The bruises line my thighs like an arrow straight to your mark,
Marking the best places to make love, to make me scream.
And all I can do is fall apart in your arms,
Gasping and shaking, hips still grinding into you for that once last thrill,
That pulse that sends me over the edge,
And we’ll see stars dancing in the galaxies on our skin.

burning bright

I’m sorry, so sorry,
I’m not the perfect reflection I strive to be,
The mirror is cracked and and its pieces are to jagged to glue back together,
I’ve been staring far to long,
Waiting for something to change,
For beauty to spark from this dull ember,
But I think…I think, my flame isn’t the problem.
I’m sorry, so sorry, but I’m done apologizing for this mistake
The best mistake to ever happen. The oxygen I needed to keep this ember roaring,
To produce a flame bright and beautiful, capturing the love and affection buried in the heat and passion.
For too long the rain and wind have been trying to keep me down,
Trying to drown me doubt and hatred,
And yes, I fell into their holes, their spikes sharpening the more and more they found out,
But that’s over now, a new day has begun and the sun is shining bright on my steady flame
Never again to be put out by anyone ever again.

when my world stops

When the world stops, and these monsters crawl from the ugliest of hearts,

That’s where I know I’ll find you , Buried in the most vulnerable parts of me,

Ready to take on that world when I want to hide. Though you won’t let me hide for long, but just long enough to heal, remove the salt from these wounds and fight again,

Because you know I could never stay down for that long.

But for now, you’re here and thats all I need. Hold me tight, drown out the worry and pain with that song you used to sing to me, when the world was at its breaking point.

Then I can say to you, thank you. Thank you for carrying me through, for holding my hands and never letting go. For being my constant in this world and hopefully the next.

Thank you for training me to fight back, even when I didn’t think I should.

Thank you for stopping my world and crashing it into yours