til the death of it does its part….

I helped you turn your life around,
Gained the trust and addiction all in one captivating grip,

Took it in as my own, and held on tight as it rocked us,
Back and forth, through hell and back,

With the burns and scars to prove it,

And still,

You still question my love for you,
Have the goddamn nerve to call me out on the reasons behind my help, my devotion,

And I can’t….
I can’t do this for much longer,

The lies, the insults and the demeaning nature you seem to quick to fall back into,

(so quick to cling to whenever we seem to find the silver lining)

Maybe because I was so eager,
So ready to be the savior to someone other than my own sanity,
I couldn’t see that I wasn’t…I’m not enough,

And there shouldn’t be any shame in that
But fuck, god, there is so, so much of it,
 it consumes me as to why I wasn’t enough for you,

It’s all I can think about, after it’s all said and done,
And I know it will haunt me from now until the day I die, long after we have been buried and gone…

3 thoughts on “til the death of it does its part….

  1. taurusingemini says:

    Sometimes, we’re just, attracted to these, lost causes, that it takes us too long, to figure it out, and as soon as we figured it out, we still, can’t quite, break away, so we stuck ourselves…


  2. thereluctantpoet says:

    It’s hard to believe and understand that there are people who are extreme Narcissists, but they are out there. I would highly recommend that you spend some time reading about and understanding Narcissists because I know it will help you heal and move on – it did for me!
    You can learn a lot off of google searchs:

    Chuck – 😊💕🌹


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