caught up

Strictly to the point,
I hang on your last word,
I missed that last part,
Was it important,
Do I need to remember the way your voice carried?
The octave it took when it went to far,
The storm that took hold of both of us in the moment,
Or how our voices got carried away in the wind,
Drowning out whatever we needed to hear in place of what we said,
Strict, down to the letter,
Is it better we wrote it out?
Got it all down as the ink bleed from our fingers,
Or are we cowering behind a shield,
Letting words fight the battle we wage,
Letting it take the causalities, hit after hit,
Line after line,
Hanging in the air, on the paper, on our last breath,
Was it important…the things we wanted, needed to say,
Because I can’t seem to make sense of it anymore,
Intangible and messy,
Nothing can make sense of this,
Did I miss something?

10 thoughts on “caught up

  1. Alejandro Marrero says:

    There’s something raw and unscripted in your written thoughts that I appreciate reading. To many times we worry about what we say how we say it and lose ourselves trying too hard when really writing is how we talk to ourselves. Good read xoxo

    Liked by 2 people

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