Words Spoken

“Darling, that dress has always looks better on the floor,”
I know, I think. That’s why I wore the dress.
But you already figured me out, there’s that knowing look in your eyes.
Selfishly, I crave your attention. Dress my self up and put me on display for all to see.

“Oh baby girl, look at how you smile in the light,
Dressed in your Sunday best, with thoughts of your dirty Saturday night,”
Your words dance around my brain as your fingers trace my thigh.
The lace seemingly out of place against my skin.

“It’s easy to play a saint among sinner, with a lover a beautiful as the fallen angel,”
I say, and you smile then, like I finally said something that made sense.
This is hardly the place to succumb to such desires, I know,
But it’s hard to think when you look at me that way.

“Why don’t we get outta here, have an adventure all our own?”
You’re standing before I finish the though, tripping to get to the car.
Adrenaline always ran high in lovers actually in love,
As our bodies desperately seeking relief among the flirting touches and caresses.

The Trouble with Angels

The trouble with angels, my dear,
Is the question; how hard have they fallen for you to find one? Trapped on Earth
Down, down, down they fall. Losing their grace with every wilted feather,
Stranded with only the knowledge of something better, trapped,
Within the bounds of heavenly law, only to find temptations all around,
Oh darling, that’s immortality, wrapped pretty in red and around every corner.

The trouble with love, my dear,
Is the thoughts and emotions that complicate a complex feeling.
To give myself away with so little a risk I thought I’d once take,
But the fall from grace and how easily the unforgiving were cast out,
Makes me think otherwise. What a silly feeling love has been known to be.
If love is suppose to be a nameless, beautiful divine thing,
Why are we all damned for fighting wars over her?

The trouble with you, my dear,
Is how easy I find myself drawn to you, with that body and those eyes,
Pulling me in with every smile and drawn out lullaby,
I can’t decide how good you’ll be for me, but lets have fun trying to figure it out.
Let’s take our time exploring the seven sins, some more than once,
Drag me down to you, and I’ll sing praises and hymns from between your legs,
Make me see the stars as the angels once did, unfiltered and raw,
So love me now, or never, the choice is yours,
But know that a fruit so forbidden is bound to be rotten in some ways.
And this war we’ve waged on our hearts, let us put them to good use,
Tongues clashing, fingers gripping hard; prove to me that love is physical and real.
Only once we crash into the Earth as the angels did, can we rise to the heavens,
Sinful and satisfied from the Earthly pleasures we chose to explore.

Something to Beg for

You want me on my hands and knees?
Begging and moaning for something any man could give me,
Yet you seem to think yours is a gift I would not find anywhere else.
Let me tell you something lover, a cock is a cock and yours is not too impressive,
The way you use it doesn’t make me writhe and gasp,
Nor does it make me beg on my knees.
So don’t be surprised to find my other lovers waiting,
Because they can fuck me just like you, uncaring and quick and in need of a lay,
And don’t let your ego get the best of us; it is only fact I spill,
Like the wetness you leave between my legs,
To be washed away in the morning, along with any trace of you.

You want me on my hands and knees?
Begging and moaning for something any man will give me?
Make my know you care, that I am more than a place to get your dick wet,
That I am not just another pair of tits to add to your list,
I am not just what my body has to offer,
My mind is not filled with way to please you and learn how to make you happy,
But maybe, it could be, if I knew you were someone worth caring for.
So you want me to beg? Give me something to beg for.

Relapsed Addiction

There is nothing like a taboo waiting for you in your bedroom.
So keep my head down and bend me over,
Make me slowly lose my sanity over and over again,
And for you I will cry and sing praises meant only for the Gods to hear.
Are you waiting for your little princess to open her mouth?
Down on her hands and knees, moaning and begging for you?
My body is spent as I wait for you to finish,
Shuttering and shaking from the aftershocks of pleasure
Oh I know you aren’t worthy of my love or affection,
But boy, I know your body as well as the pleasure of my own.
And you can only keep a good girl waiting for so long,
Before she moves on to bigger and… sturdier things.
So make my body crave yours so I cannot find release anywhere else,
{Though your temptation can only lead to relapsed addiction.}
Oh sweetie, the things I want to do to you,
While I have you on your back, hips rising to meet mine,
Caught in the sweat and chaos of a primal reaction.
But for those things I want will have to wait,
And I let you climb inside my body with a promise of a newfound self,
But for all your size and strength, I cannot seem to find that paradise, or release.
So I scratch and scream, twisting my body and heart to accommodate your sin,
(Boy, I think I liked you better as a stranger, with no attachments or questions)
Yet as soon as these thoughts race across my mind,
You move your hips and cock a little bit harder,
Hitting that spot that makes me see nothing but the blinding darkness,
And just like that I sink back into you,
Letting you have your way as you push my down, my ass bare for your eyes,
Your eyes linger along my hips and cunt without any shame,
Knowing that my body reacts to yours in ways that light the tiniest of embers,
And burns all else who try to claim it.



Well-Rounded Sin

I’m coming for you my dear temptation; your prayers have yet to be answered.
I want all your love and sex laid before me tonight,
And then I will ignite the deepest of lust and sensual desire.
So let me show you just want this carnal obsession feels like,
And teach you the ways Queens like to be touched,
Ways that make me moan, scream, and sing your praises.
You want me baby come and get me, but only if you dare.

Does a woman like me make you nervous?
All mouth and sass and confidence—that makes you drop to your knees,
A goddess to show you the proper way to worship a woman you’re infatuated with.
So come and tastes the sins that are waiting at the bottom on my lips
And I’ll show you just what a devotee like you deserves underneath my hips,
Watch as you drown in ecstasy, shaking from just the right touch,
Drawn out by moans and prayers to a God you no longer believe in.

So take me to church and I’ll sacrifice you on an alter meant for pagans,
Let me watch you worship a deity known only by men,
Can you handle the emotion that comes from the joining of a sinner and saint?
Come for me and let the passion flow through you fingers, and tongue,
Take me by the neck and show me just how serious your invocations are,
Only then will I bare my throat and submit to your wills.

You just can’t keep your hands off me, my body lite by the tiniest of sparks,
Who knew a boy like you could make me blush?
My undoing laced in between the dirty little secrets you whisper in my ear,
Caught in the motions your fingers make beneath the sheets,
You take me all the way; don’t take the easy route down,
And for you, my mouth will unfold all the pretty tricks and admiration it knows.
You, I must confess, have become my favorite sin, wrapped in sex and longing.
For how can a goddess be worshiped without ill bent intentions and well rounded sin?

To Stare At The Sun

I resent the night, knowing she is a force of nature,
One the gods fear and man would crumble beneath,
Just for the blessing of a new dawn,
Of a promise built once upon a false sunrise.
I look to those around me,
Waiting to be blessed by the murky waters and the promises of a false God,
And know that we await the same fate
Watching as the sun fades into the sky, and the earth grows dark.
As mud dulls the moon, reflected in the shadows on the water,
There are no stars to be found on a night like this,
Guided by the darkness, it is no wonder many of us fall astray.

When you appear, you look like a lover of my youth,
Shrouded in sex and hope and a thrill of danger.
And I breathe in the sigh that falls from my lips.
I will ask you for a patience I can no longer give,
And I hope to drown in forgiveness only you can grant.
But you cannot give either, and let your fingers roam my body.
I try to think, to form a sense of thought,
But the embers have ignited my core, and all I can think of is you.
Your touch, your lips and the things you might do to me hidden in the darkness.
And the people stare, yet I yield into your lust, driven by pure need alone.
I cannot explain why I come to you each night after, but you know the answer.
For my body speaks what my mind is unable to.

Between Heaven and Hell, I can no longer tell the difference between the two.
For why would a god create something so sinful in ecstasy?
But the gods have a cruel sense of humor,
And I play into their hands as easily as I fall into your bed.
So while we fall into a wicked habit that others around begin to feed into,
I grow arrogant and powerful, fueled by the need, the seductiveness.
As our corrupt love takes hold, I fall fast and hard.
Knowing that your sin would be too powerful for grace alone,
I sacrifice more than I should, and give away my heart,
In the hopes you will grow to love an emotion blessed by the gods.
But you grow tired of my fondness and devotion.
And the congregation develops a need for a new immoral thrill.
So I find myself right back a the edge of that powerful force,
Unaware that I have fallen to the thing I once resented.
She has your love, your loyalty, and your dependence.
Where I have the memory of a night filled with lustful abandonment.
And perhaps this is where I begin to kneel at the muddy waters,
Praying to a false god who whispered promise a new dawn,
Only to be trapped in your never-ending twilight.

a royal affair

The taste of you still lingers on my lips,
Whiskey and honey all wrapped in one, so sweet,
I couldn’t taste the poison lurking beneath those sinful lips and that talented tongue.
But, oh, these wine stained lips were always popular among mistresses,
And the apothecary has a talent for bringing back the dead,
So kiss me while I’m sill naked and begging, my crown scattered,
Wanting you to climb inside and taint the very essence of me.
The high class always did need to go out with a bang.

Poison never tasted as sweet than when you’ve licked if off a forbidden fruit.
While the moon is high and the sun hides behind a lustful gaze,
Let us fornicate among these proclaimed royals,
Where the jokers and court jesters blush as they peak through their fingers,
Licking their lips at the taste of all the kisses the French court has to offer,
And the King fucks maids, grabbing any warm body that comes their way,
The Queen can only get off when two knights praise her body,
Making love to all the many royal advisors and attendants she has,
But don’t let the King know that ill-kept secret.

So, come my sleeping princess, prick yourself on more than a wooden spindle,
And watch your blood flow from more than that delicate finger,
For the royal life cannot be all parties and sex and fine dining,
There must be pain and heartbreak so delicious it makes your toes curl,
Bend over; lift those skirts, and expose that shame you hide,
Red from more than the flush descending beneath your neckline,
And let yourself get lost in the anticipation of a royal affair,
Here, there is always more to late night balls than a pretty face and sultry gowns,
All you have to do is open the wooden doors that lead to the chambers
And let yourself be swept away by a magic to dirty to appear anytime before midnight.

this game we play

This game we play is erotic and thrilling in its temptation,
And we find ourselves at different ends of the bar,
Seeing which of us will give into lust and ecstasy first.
You stroke her cheek, leaning into her a little to close for my liking,
Two can play at this game, my dear lover.
Tempting innocence shrouds my image; after all, there are few men that won’t fall
Prey to blue eyes and a gracious chest wrapped in a sultry dress.
Boys line up to stare nauseatingly down my dress,
But I smile pretty, and let them buy me more drinks,
Waiting for you to grow tired and surrender.
“The way you flirt is shameful,” one states, annoyed at my indifference,
“What you consider to be flirting is deluded,” I say with a shrug,
There is no time to explain the ways of teasing and foreplay to a boy,
For I have my eyes set on a much bigger prize.

Still and tempting, the spot on your lap waits for my ass to place it there,
This game has come to end; I will be the first to admit I lost.
Your hand moves silently up my thighs (teasing the one part of me begging for you),
Dipping and rubbing, wetness accumulating on your hands and my sex,
The bathroom is a good as place as any for us, for our love, and,
For my dress to drop past my hips unto the dirty floor.
Your zipper is already undone, your hands pushing my to my knees,
Where I greedily take you into my mouth, smiling as you jerk and moan
No longer caring who is here to witness our fucked up love affair.
We had thought ourselves too old for the games of children,
Yet I have never been more turned on than here and now.

For those who talk like a god, it is humbling to see you on your knees,
Mouth wide open, my hips have no qualms grinding on your tongue,
Devote to only to your fingers, your hands and tongue and teeth.
Dripping wet, you bend me over, grabbing my hair as you drive hard
Right where I need you and my sharp gasp has nothing to do with the slap on my ass
The stall shakes with every motion, my heels slipping on the wet floor,
Yet, you seem to pick up more speed, my hips frantic to meet your thrusts,
Our mingling cries drowning out the music and noise outside,
My back arches painful as I struggle to keep up while
You merely turn me around and shove my back against the stall, never delaying.
Hands grip the walls as my legs tighten around your hips
The thrill and lust all too much for my senses,
My cunt clenches around you, exploding, taking you with me.
You grip my hips tightly and exhale shakily.
High on the orgasm, I fail to notice the pair of eyes lurking though the cracks,
The couple next to us cums on the sight of us fucking ourselves raw,
Their moans and hands rattling the bathroom we had just christened.
“Guess we’ll have to find a new bar,” I whisper as I shimmy my panties back on.
“That’s what I was counting on,” you smirk.

love bites in the dark

I do not want to know your dreams, nor who you are outside these four walls,
All I need is your moans in my ears, love bites dancing along my hips,
Your fingers caresses the most intimate part of my body,
Waiting for a touch of magic to send me over the edge.

So take me deep and pull my hair hard,
And I will arch and scream in a way only a lover could,
Not knowing our lives outside this moment.
Take me down, mouth on me and teeth biting hard,
Little love marks that seem to dance in the dark.
Let me know there is no other but you that will make be squirm this way,
And on my knees I will open wide for you,
Ready to take in your taboo and sin, cock and all.

Sex with a stranger is thrilling and unsettling,
With just the right amount of danger to turn me on,
So look at me with eyes that do not know who I am,
Nor the personality traits I carry and let me sink into you,
Pussy wet, cock hard, let us fuck ourselves raw,
Until I see stars and groans are the only sounds you can make,
So scandalous, our love trapped in between reality and fantasy,
But I’ve made too many errors to be trapped by your glorified love.

escape in ecstasy

I look forward to it all day,
That release, the build up of tension losing itself in my fingers,
And yet something stands in my way,
My mind,
Distracted my unwarranted thoughts,
And I can’t escape them,
They come to me in the worse ways, the visions overpowering me,
And I’m left helplessness to their warfare
Looked forward to it all day,
Only to let it slip from my fingers( or into them) at the mention of you.