hazy in….

Hazy filled thoughts,

Remind me why we aren’t meant to act on them?
Because I can’t seem to care at this moment,

All I can think about is you
And everything that comes with being yours
The way your hands must feel on such sensitive skin,
What elicited cries you’ll bring from my throat,
I blush just thinking about it

I can’t stop my wandering eyes, or my wandering hands,
As they drift lower and lower,
Finding that spot that makes me sing the croons the sweetest of sins,
My body knows what she wants,
And she drips at the thought of your hands claiming what belongs to them,
Eager for that release only you can give,

Relapse; repeat, again,
I’ve fallen into this habit of you,

Dazed, so out of touch with the reality I present,
Can you bring me to the edge and be the very same who pushes me over,
Or must I find that release somewhere else,

In the hazy thoughts that are clouded by you and you alone…
My eyes and hands have begun to wander again.
You can’t hold be accountable for that comes next…

candle in the wind

Goddamn you’re so close,
I can touch you; graze the tips of my fingers against your cheek,
But I can never grasp you in your entirety
And it kills me, to know the perfect soul for mine is found,
Yet so far from my reach,
What does this mean?
Is this my own personal hell I created—
To long for the one I can never have, never touch,
What kind of life is this supposed to be?

Am I meant to write sad love songs to your heart,
Hoping you’ll take pity upon my feverish gaze and look back at me
Or were we meant to be the fire that ignites our souls
Sets a flame to a love so pure it burns us blind in love,
And as quick as we burn, we fade into smoke and ash…

I hate that I can’t figure it out,
Can’t figure you out,
I’d be a fool to not fall in love with you,
Or a fool all the same to fall,
But I can’t imagine my heart could be anything better than with you in her.
And now all I’m left with is the candle I hold to your lips,
I’ll hold onto the flame
And pray you don’t blow it out.

A Feminine Divine

The lips I kiss are softer than anticipate,
Full and red, with a hint of your brand of liquor,
Intoxicated on one taste alone,
Is it possible for me to take more then mouthful?
The hands that grace my body are too gentle for me to feel,
Darling, I promise I won’t shatter; I am no longer made of glass.
So take your hands and move them down my hips,
I want to see your love in the morning, fashioned in red and black and blue.

Your eyes are so soft as they trail down my neck and to my heart,
I feel the flush rise and the breath I take is shaker than I care to admit,
But I will myself to let you explore and taste what is yours,
They say there is never a love more passionate or dangerous,
Then when the spark is lite between the uncharted.

Tomorrow, I’ll wake up with my head on your breast,
And you will disappear into the day, though your feminine mystique will remain,
There is no gentler touch then that of a new lover,
So I will let you come to me when you feel the need,
Fall to your feet as we tangle the sheets on the floor.
When the light fades and the moon comes into view,
We will fill the night with sharp moans and cries of pleasure,
Singing a song as old as the stars that light up our sky.



*Painting called Kiss Me Kate by Steve K*

lovers like us

My thoughts have always be dark, twisted, sinful and erotic,
But that’s what makes the best story my dear, and mine and yours is so beautifully
written in my head,
That sometimes I forgot there are boundaries we need to remember,
Things that are and aren’t appropriate for lovers like us,
But that is perhaps a story for another day, one filled with reality and reminders
But for now, here are the thoughts of us that have never been made into reality,
Well, at least, not yet. I know we both feel the temptation,
I know I sound crazy, how can I cling to something that never was?
How can I crave the touch of someone I’ve never had, never felt in the ways the count?
The answer is simple; hope is such a dangerous thing my love, and my heart knows the dangerous of a temptation all too well.

So let us get back to this story of you, and me,
Where we can be what is felt, what is wanted and what is yearned for.
In my head, our joining is hot and heavy, filled with aggression and sighs of longing,
The kind of sex that makes me forget that I shouldn’t be wanting it,
The kind that has me blushing long after the tiresome deed is done.
In my head, it all plays off the way I need it,
Hot, heavy and leaving me grasping for the air I know I need to breathe,
Your hands on my thighs, gripping hard, leaving behind tiny bruises,
Because you love seeing your mark on my skin in ways that excite you,
But that’s nothing compared to the way you sigh in my ear,
The whimpers of “fuck” that dance along my skin; the whispers of yes and more, dear god do that again,
But the spell is broken right before I catch that mass of relief, the right moment, the thing I need the most from you.

So the fantasy plays on and on and on,
Always changing, yet the same desires remain.
Oh and I am an expert of wanting the things I can’t have,
That’s what’s makes the game all the more exciting.
And I’m left wishing the fantasy were made into a reality,
But that dream is for the wishful thinkers and those willing to ruin the good they’ve found.
So wish me luck, but I’ve never been the type for wishful thinking,
And I’ll hold onto the fabricated memory of the things your body could do to me,
Just bound the reach of the boundaries for lovers like us.

Tempting the Sun Across the Night Sky

The blood you’ve drawn is hotter than any love you could give,
For the fire that burns in you is quick to set aflame those who you touch,
Ready to swallow promises that sit on the tip of your tongue.
Those who’ve known your touch never stay for long,
Sensing the embers within your soul,
Their bodies too heated to last under the rising temperature.
So I tread lightly, for I have been burned once before,
The sun is always more tempting from across the night sky.

So with your smoldering eyes and sharp tongue,
I let you take sin and me to your bed, made of satin and cotton.
As the moon rises, lighting my body with faded white light,
Your mouth makes pictures on my skin,
The red left behind is nothing but a memory of a fleeting touch,
And the embers you give off become nothing more than a candle in the wind.

Our union is nothing short of a good time,
Falling under the sheets and in between my breasts,
So I ride out what is left of my dignity,
And let you shove my face into the pillows, my hips rising to meet yours.
I scream as you move roughly, never pausing to let me adjust,
You shake as I bite the space between your chest and neck.
And we continue this game for some time, but never for long,
Collecting our time spent would be too much for both of us to give.

Over the table, through the door, there is no ground that we have not consummated,
Yet the feeling behind it gives as much as we take.
And my heart knows that there will be no coming back from a mistake like this,
While yours is too wrapped up in an orgasm, never breathing the space between.
I move away from your fire, and give myself to the ashes.
And you, too caught up in the feeling, cannot know your own fire is your demise.
So I let you be consumed by the trusted feeling of pride and arrogance,
Falling to my knees and taking you into my mouth,
As I smother the remains of a fire too bright to burn much longer.
When you have come down and the smoke has cleared,
You glance at me, astonished that I could hold a power so close to your own.
But I wipe my mouth of any trace of you and rise to my feet,
For any fire to meet my touch would always melt away,
Evaporating into smoke and ash, long to be forgotten by the wind and sky.
While sex had become your safe haven, your heated touch gracing untouched skin,
The fire extinguished those who wandered to close; I held my breath and blew,
Knowing your candle would never hold to my lips so close to the dawn,
For the rising sun only holds power over the fading twilight when the dawn has finally broke.

Loving You in the Dark

Loving you in the dark,
These words tainted as they drip from my lips to yours,
Shrouded in the best form of that crazy kind of love,
I can’t help myself, crying out words that would have a saint blush,
And a sinner grovel in praise.
Lets hide away in the dark, slip your hands down lower, lower…there,
And lets explore the hidden truths we find buried between them.

Honey liquid, lapped from between my legs,
Your tongue whispers the words you’re afraid to speak,
Let each pretty lie and that terrifying truth dance on my breasts,
The best and worst parts of this love,
And I can’t help but to wonder, what makes a pair of lovers like us?
Those that bleed and cry, those that fall in love so passionately and quickly,
Eager to start a life wrapped in each other…
I can’t find the fault in you that would make me run,
Rather, easy come easy go, my body accustom to the pressure on a stranger on top of me, each touch different yet thrilling in their unknown.
But your touch stops me in my tracks,
The way your fingers trace my face,
The way they trail down my body, your eyes quick to follow.
And I can feel myself heat up at the mere thought.
My sex dripping and you’ve yet to touch me.
Maybe that’s the affect of love on the brain, the way you fuck me into remembering only your touch, your cries and the way the sound ringing off my walls,
And I’ll do my best to trap them within my heart, or at least, the path up to her.

Legs shaking, these heels can’t seem to hold the weight of your love,
So take me hard one last time, let the bruises on my hips be a way to remember you by, the best traces of you left on my skin, take all you want…
From behind, let my ass slap against your hips, rhythmic and seductive,
Force my head into the sheets, gasping and moaning for each breathe,
Make me feel each thrust, each sharp drive further and further into the very best part of me,
And catch me as I fall apart underneath you,
Shaking and moaning from the pressure that finally releases through you,
And I promise that this sex will unfold the best-kept secret.
One day, I’ll be able to love you in the light,
The sun reflecting off our bodies as we lay in the aftermath of this sinful glory,
But for now, let me love you in the dark, because it’s the best way I know how.

Beautiful Lie

The wine pours into the glass, the red bleeding into the crystal.
She watches and waits for the signs—a wink, a nod, the small smile,
Anything to get her heart racing and blood rushing.
She’s more open, honest, when her words are laced with toxins and grapes,
Lying with empathetic promises and false passion.
So she waits to see the reaction of the lover she’s faced with,
High on the feeling of power only sex can bring.
His lips tighten and fold, ready to explore what’s underneath.
And her body unfolds in his heated gaze,
Eager to pose, and show off the right parts of her soul.

So the wine plays tricks on her heart,
And his eyes fall shut as she moans her thoughts,
Their bodies move in sync with the beat of flesh on flesh,
Fighting each other until the sun rise glares through the window,
She struggles to find semblance at the bottom of her panties,
While he rushes her out of the bedroom and onto the couch for one more go,
As the morning light fades from the curtains, so does their love,
He is whisked away from her by the beautiful lie he lives
Until dusk falls back into place, and they pick up where they left off.
Fucking with a forbidden lust and a nameless emotion.

The wine turns her on more than it should,
And she relishes in the feeling of being slightly out of control,
Left on the beach, covering herself in the waters and sands,
She runs her hands through her sea tossed hair and down her sun kissed body,
Eager for what he will bring to the moonlit shores,
And what he promises brings the most delicious rewards,
Lathered in wishful intoxication and the suns poison.

So she waits for his fateful touch, sighing in relief when he appears,
She falls apart at the faintest of kisses and sinful brushes.
Gazing into the stars she put in his eyes,
Though the moons shining onto her body dulls its effect.
So when the sun rises, and the moment passes,
They go into the waters to wash away the remainder of their love,
And return, to the lovers they each left sleeping in their separate reality.
Both living the same beautiful lie.

Habit of Sin

Let me just start by saying it’s hard to break old habits,
And sweetheart, you’re as bad as they get.
Your toxins laced in everything; that touch, your mouth, our fingers intertwined, those hips,
All I want to do is taste that sin dripping from your lips,
Now I’m caught between a rock and hard place,
And aren’t I glad that hard place happens to be between your legs,
Let me swallow what’s left of my dignity as I wait here on my knees.
But let us see if you’re worth the chase: are we?
Am I worthy of this love you’re so willing to give?

Lay my body on the bed and crawl over me,
I’m eager to see what new moves you’ve gained over this absence of heart
Impressed me with the way your hips move against mine,
Make me scream in ways no other could,
Let’s see if this love is worth every cry and moan. Say my name again, boy.
And I’ll show you just what’s worthy of my kind of love.

You taste like all the things I know, and the ones I desperately want:
Of things I can’t have, which makes the forbidden all the more sweet,
And you haunt my thoughts during the day.
Keep me mind wired with wild thoughts that have me growing hot and flushed.
I grow bolder with this poison running down my throat,
Settling in my veins, glazing my eyes over with thoughts impure and crude,
Eager to sneak off with you and commit to these taboo thoughts,
But that would feelings that I’m not ready to give,
But dear god, I hope you know how bad I want to.

Let’s save the small talk when the words are the only things we can’t escape from,
For now, though, trace my name with your tongue; leave bruises along my collarbone, and let marks of love forever be embedded on my inner thigh.
Fuck me hard enough that I forget you were a habit of sin.
So let me say that old habits are indeed are to break,
But break me enough and you’ll find a whole new meaning to the term broken love.

This Gift of Blood & Beauty

It is a gift of beauty and blood, though I’ve no name for it.
It is a feeling too weak to be branded as love,
Yet, too intense to be a simple infatuation in my mind.
So I settle for feeling you, in every form you come.
Is it possible to be intoxicated on a feeling?

As sunsets fade into sunrises, my eyes roll to the back of my head
My control gone, my heart wild, but I’m too high to come back down now.
You lips sing notes onto my skin, and I struggle to hit the notes with raspy moans.
When the song comes to an end,  the notes are too high, you watch me fall apart,
Under a flame that burns others from my thoughts,
And spreads like wildfire across my chest.

So when the magic fades and the stars dim from behind my eyes,
There are so many things I want to tell you, but my lips have sealed themselves shut.
So I let my body speak my mind, and pray you understand the secrets she sighs out.
I’ve known the flavor of your brand liquor,
Enough to chase, enough to gasp,
As your kiss burns what’s left of the air in my lungs,
Another has never left me speechless until you.
I want you to know I whisper you name alone,
As you tongue unfolds riddles from my skin.

So I let you whisper dirty things into my ear,
And I’ll let my imagination take me to a place of sweet nothing.
Perhaps a feeling is the best it will ever be
Just this moment of ecstasy between two bodies, two souls.
But know there is no need to question my intentions,
And do not let my mind speak for my heart
Because the two can only seem to agree on one thing;
That this gift of beauty and blood has no name but yours.

Histoire D’amour

Baby give me everything, I need to feel nothing but your hands on me,
Call my needy, call me desperate; I can’t bring myself to care,
All I know is that I can’t seem to get enough of you.
Stay here a while longer, and I’ll ease you into this temptation,
Though finally grasping it makes the game all the more sinful.
You should know me better than that by now,
Any opening you give, any chance that I can move in on, I’m gonna take,
I’d rather desperately want you than not have you at all,
And that is our biggest downfall.
So let’s cling to each other and laugh and play as we tumble down into these sheets.

My face is hot from feelings that are no longer mine to hold,
The air coming from my lungs is as heavy as the weight of you,
And I struggle to catch my breath, but,
Your hips pressed against my back have left me breathless,
And all I gasp is the choked sound of pleasure and your name.
There is something so wicked about wanting what you can’t have,
And our flirtation is the biggest temptation of all,
Longing for the affection of the one you shouldn’t covet
But my heart is no better, wicked and unforgiving, cruel in her taboo games.
Waking up in your bed, I know I shouldn’t expect anything more,
But you always seem to surprise me, showering me with affection that is not mine,
The trailing kisses down my spine that always seems to take away the chill.

I’ve never been so comfortable with another soul as I am with yours,
And that scares the hell outta me.
So I need this lust to distract me from insights and damnation of my own making,
Because this love will never be mine to obtain, and these thoughts are only felt in the
darkest parts of my heart,
Where they will stay locked and hidden, it never needs to grace itself with thoughts
known. But feeling your skin on mine, your lips tracing my hips and thighs,
Make me forget that I can’t be yours,
Make me forget that it’s his name I should call, not yours, in the middle of our love affair.
I wish I could change the plot to this romantic tragedy,
I know this will only end in heartbreak, just as any other love affair should.
But dear god, the way you make me moan, the feeling of your hands roaming my body,
it’s something that this feeble heart won’t soon forget,
Along with these feelings that aren’t mine to hold, aren’t mine to crave