breath taking

My body says she wants to play; she’s clenching in anticipation
For more than the just the sensation of lace that rests upon my breast.
So touch me with playful fingers and a wandering tongue,
For nothing is too tame tonight, not with me,
And I can’t wait to watch you beg under my sinful lips and swaying hips.
That look in your eyes lets me know there is more than what rests at the surface,
Underneath desire and temptation, there could be more than linger glances,
But for now, push me to the bed and ravish me with everything but a feeling,
There will always be time for poetic thoughts and sweet nothings.
The pictures in front of my eyes flicker in and out of focus,
Too drunk on what you body is doing, high on the ecstasy of a single touch,
So reckless of me to let myself go so easily.
As if your touch could send shock waves to my heart.
But I am too caught up, speechless, save for gasps of air,
Trying to catch my breath when your hand draws close to my very center,
And I try to cry out as I shatter underneath the pleasure of a million stars,
But my voice fails me in at most vulnerable moment,
So I let my hips move in sync with yours, astonished when you drop to your knees,
As your mouth finishes what you cock started,
And I can’t stop the keening wails even if I wanted to.

The sunlight peaks in through the broken shades,
To bright and pure in the darkness we had created for ourselves.
You turn me over, almost as gentle as a lover would.
As my scars from last night shimmer in the fading light,
You take charge and pick up where we left off,
When I was too worn to continue and when you decided to show mercy,
And though my body shivers from the cold and the thrill,
Your touch is so tender I nearly scream,
How can the faintest whisper cause me to explode…?
I liked you better with the lights down, shrouded in darkness and lust,
For there I could not see the face of my exotic lover,
But here, in the growing sunlight, I am forced to see you for all you are,
And I see myself, hips raised towards the ceiling, beckoning you for more,
I know that I am too gone to realized the trap I landed myself in,
Caught in the lace, the lust and the sounds you let escape, shake me to my core.
I could not see the devil I had willingly let into the bed beside me,
But when they devil is as breathtaking as you,
My heart can only count the moments until in breaks.

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