take the pill

They say love is patient,
Love is kind, the end all be all cure,
Love helps you grow and exposes you to the better side of life,
Offering more and more,
They say,
They don’t tell you that there is always bad to balance the good,
Love is not this magical failsafe,
End to the horrible things we endure,
That reality is simply that.

There are times when love is soft,
Too soft,
And it crumbles under the pressure of nearly everything,
Love can be cruel,
Taking from you the things you weren’t ready to give,
Things you’ll never be able to reclaim,
Love exposes you, in all ways and sometimes that hurts,
Opens you to harsh truths and words that can never be unheard,

It’s the thing we kill for, die for, even just a little taste of the pure drug,
So, its what you make of this,
This mysterious thing called love,
Swallowing the pill again, again and again,
And pray you can keep it down this time.


Soundless picture

It replays over and over ,

Your smile, your laugh, the way your lips tilt and you roll your eyes.

The way we laughed, that time we sat on the steps, not caring what the world was telling us now.

Like a movie on replay in my mind, it’s the same images flashing again and again and again,

I couldn’t stop thinking them if I want to ,

And I can’t

Because it’s all I have left of you.

These soundless pictures that replay in my head.

Fading just slightly everyday, because that’s what happens when you grip them too tightly, hoping they would never leave you , but knowing time moves forward regardless of the memories in my head.

So I play them as much and often as I can while I can.


the little things

It’s in all the little things,
They way you cling to them,
Those little things that always make me smile,
The way you repeat them over and over,
If only to see that smile.

It’s in the way we argue,
How it ends in laughter and I love you,
It’s the way we catch each other staring,
The silly faces we make back,
Those little things that make me fall in love,
More and more every day

i fell in love with colors, once

I feel in love with colors once,
Their bright, attractive allure,
Drew me in time and time again,
Fingers dancing on the edge of my heart,
Caressing and sighing, teasing laughter echoed in my head,
Colors drew me close, whispered beautiful things,
I saw stars in so many different perspectives,
Saw the sunset everyday and each time gasped with the portrait that bleed into the sky,
I fell in love with all the colors,
Never questioning why,
And they all broke my heart.

The day I saw things in black and white was when I met you,
When the colors had drained me dry,
Taking whatever they could,
I still here the haunting laughter and my heart lurches.
(And it’s shameful that I miss seeing the sunset,
How the stars shone, the way the night sky bled)
The black and white, though,
It was so dull, simple and so transparent I wondered what caught my eye,
It wasn’t the vivid imagery it drew in my mind,
Couldn’t have been the thrill or excitement,
But…something still made me stay.
(Maybe I was trying to heal the mess colors left smeared across my heart)

It showed me there was so much more to my darkness,
How shades of grey told a story,
How the midnight hue told an endless story across that same night sky,
How the white bright stars shone in a new, different way,
Colors had bled me,
But the comfort of black and white,
Of you,
Made me learn to create my own colors,
Shining bright and bold,
Mixed with a touch of your own color pallet.

diving (questions)

Tell me who do you owe this love to?
What is your version of love?
Who tells you what is right?
Who is wrong, how to love in the way they deem worthy?
Is there a guidance system?
Or is it a free fall, like jumping into the depths of the ocean,
Eager, excited, yet purposefully avoiding the obvious…
What happens when it all goes wrong?
How can you dive when you can’t see the bottom?
Were you pushed, did you trip?
Or did you pray, hope; take that leap of faith,
Letting something guide you down and down and down,
Until you hit the waters so hard you can’t even gasp in pain and awe,Too caught on not
sinking and drifting to the bottom’
Using everything you have to rise to the surface,And that you float up, up and higher,
But never enough to forget what it felt like to freefall…
Tell me,

How do we love with no way of knowing for sure?

for keeps

Bite my lip,
Pull me down til all I can see are your eyes,
And do your best t keep my attention,
On those more important parts of this union,

Keep sowing up at those past midnight hours,
I can’t play this game,
My disguise is almost transparent,
The more I crave you,
The more you can see it written in my eyes,
As you pull me down with little to no resistance,
I find myself no longer wanting to fight.

Our game was cute,
Exciting, and new,
But I’ve grown attached,
More than I ever thought, more than I wanted to,
And you have no idea I play for keeps.

stardust and sinners

There was a time when I believed good had always outweighed the bad,
Where love would find a way and prayers were answered by a power beyond me,
But then I met you, a fallen angel among the crude masses of man,
And I began to believe in new religion all together.

Magnified in the confides of angels and demons,
Humans have always had a way of exploiting the gift of free will.
Made in the image of an angel with minds demonic and sinful,
Man struts across the Earth, leaving in his trail, lies and the damage of the corrupt.
Beautiful disasters set to destroy the Earth and her love.

So despite the danger it meant to a good girl too far gone
My heart was smitten with the likes of you.
And I can only watch helplessly as she falls for your ruthless charm and sex,
All the while begging on my knee for more of your delusional love.

Let us fall into each other without a care for anyone else,
A demon and a girl who knows not what she is capable of.
Take me far from this place and her soon to be ancient ruins,
And as we sit on clouds floating above,
Lets watch the world collapse into itself, straying far from what she used to be.

Trapped in the desire and greed of man and all his destruction,
The world is wrapped in façade and chaos.
But darling, you have always been the focus of my universe,
However deranged that seems. So let the world fall, and we’ll dance on her ashes
Collecting stardust and starlight to create a world meant for sinners like us.