Tell Me Why the Caged Bird Sings

I can’t keep you the way I want,
Beautiful creatures aren’t meant to be caged.
Just ask the bird who lost her ability to sing,
Lost the melody that made her dismal existence brighter.
Or ask the blackened nights why they no longer cast a glow among the night.
When even the stars can’t bring themselves to shine bright,
Too eager to be hidden by the clouds and that false sense of security,
That they let themselves be blinded and pushed aside.

Someone once said they knew why the caged bird sang,
A beautiful creature trapped for the enjoyment of another,
Even that existence seems cruel, to fool the bird into a false hope,
To keep her from experiencing life in its fullest and simplest.
Something that keeps us, comes back to each other, time and time again.
A sense of bravado, perhaps, of hope; a promise of things to come,
The promise of a better love of tomorrow than the expectations of today,
But you are not a bird, and I refuse to be that cage that keeps you.
Yet, we find ourselves trapped in something more,
And darling, hope is the cruelest thing about you.

I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to you though,
You make me want to trap you by my side,
Lie with you under the setting sun and the peaking stars,
Stars too eager to make themselves known in the light of my passion,
This passion, though, seems to come with a bit of danger,
Hidden by the nights where you don’t have the moon to guide you,
A blind affection that keeps me prisoner,
Just like that bird that sits in front of the open cage door,
The same one that only sings for you, it seems,
Blinded by that affection, by the melody it hears when only you are around,
Why, why did that caged bird sing?
Why, when its tune was broken and cracked,
Its melody scattered into the very pieces that once made up a beautiful creature,
Why does it choose to stay, when freedom is so close…when escape becomes reality?
But perhaps, that is a question for different someone,
Someone who does not wish to keep beautiful creatures like you caged,
Who can control their own selfish desires and not is swayed by your melody.
Someone once asked why the caged bird sings,
And the answer is hope; because, hope is the cruelest thing about love.

32 thoughts on “Tell Me Why the Caged Bird Sings

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi, I just need to say that you’re such a beautiful writer! This is so lovely, the metaphorical imagery of the trapped bird fits so perfectly to the theme of poem and makes it seem really sincere.

    Liked by 1 person

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