pieces of the rainfall

Loving you was like the rain.
Sudden, unpredictable and so worth the drought.
But, you came as quickly as you went,
Leaving a flooded mess in your afterthought,
Longing for the clouds and chill even though the sun has long since cast them aside,
Loving you, loving you was everything.
And nothing, or just short of something that could have been…
Because I was left with pieces of heart that was never meant to be made whole.

I will spend my whole life searching for your missing piece,
Jamming different hearts into spaces they don’t fit,
Begging and screaming when I can’t mold them into the shapes I need the to fit,
Left to sink to my knees when the rain comes once again,
And you’re no where to be found.

15 thoughts on “pieces of the rainfall

  1. Ward Clever says:

    This is so relatable right now. People sometimes want you to build a whole relationship with a them-sized space in it, ready for them to just slide into it.

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