Words Spoken

“Darling, that dress has always looks better on the floor,”
I know, I think. That’s why I wore the dress.
But you already figured me out, there’s that knowing look in your eyes.
Selfishly, I crave your attention. Dress my self up and put me on display for all to see.

“Oh baby girl, look at how you smile in the light,
Dressed in your Sunday best, with thoughts of your dirty Saturday night,”
Your words dance around my brain as your fingers trace my thigh.
The lace seemingly out of place against my skin.

“It’s easy to play a saint among sinner, with a lover a beautiful as the fallen angel,”
I say, and you smile then, like I finally said something that made sense.
This is hardly the place to succumb to such desires, I know,
But it’s hard to think when you look at me that way.

“Why don’t we get outta here, have an adventure all our own?”
You’re standing before I finish the though, tripping to get to the car.
Adrenaline always ran high in lovers actually in love,
As our bodies desperately seeking relief among the flirting touches and caresses.

lines crossed

Every time, we crossed the line,
I thought this was it,
This was the moment we couldn’t come back from.
The moments that made us the forbidden fruit we craved,
What we desperately wanted to swallow but couldn’t let touch our lips…
Temptation always tastes so much better when it’s not your own,
Or maybe that’s what makes it all the more sweet,
The desire that burns inside,
So hot, so raw, it aches, makes you crave and cling and hunger
For what’s so close…just a taste will suffice…
But you know that isn’t true,
And here we are again,
Wanting and straddling such a thin line,
So thin we might as well jump over,
Sedate what aches inside, just a touch to ignite the flame,
That hunger, that hazy eyed lust only we can cure,
So what’s stopping us?

Haunting Daydreams (& bad intentions)

Sweetheart, I got some unwarranted thoughts when it comes to you,
Intentions meant to pave the way to heaven,
But darling I think I’ll drag you down further than intended,
And I can’t even be sorry.
The heat rising has more to do with you than the temperature,
Though you know just how to make my blood simmer and steam.
Heart racing, my mind keeps trying to come up with some sort of logic,
Why the way my breath comes on in pants,
Those shallow huffs that always ends in a moan,
And you’ve only traced the length of my body with the tips of your fingers.

I got those damn intentions again,
They’re creeping up, making their way to the worse parts of my mind,
Intoxicating me on the images I’ve put together,
Desire coursing through those thin veiled intentions;
I need to sneak you away,
Only a moment I swear,
And we both know how bad I want to be trapped in that lie.
Let me in, just for a touch, just for a kiss, I swear…
There I go again with those unwarranted thoughts,
My mind can’t help but to unveil my deepest fantasy,
Not caring how forbidden or taboo,
Simply wanting to touch, to feel even better than my imagination.

I know the sleep I’ve lost over the dreams of you have to be worth something,
The way you move, the way you fuck me over and over,
In and out, up and down, moving in tandem,
Dripping, slipping in so easily it’s addicting to ride you all night,
Grinding and running my nails all the way down,
Hips bouncing, but I can’t help myself from pushing back,
Seeking that sweet release, so close I can taste it the way I taste you when I take you in my mouth.
Moans bounce off the wall, my body throbbing in need and want and temptation,
I wake with the sweat and disappointment of my need, just out of my reach,
And those damn bad intentions haunting me once again.