Refracted Reflections

Pushed together, ran with the current,
The tides seemed to know where I wanted to be.

Reflections on this broken sea never repair the same.
Refracted on the transparency,
I mistook you for what I saw on the waters surface,
Never bothering to dive deeper into you,
Letting you swallow me whole, pulling me into the depth without the slightest concern,

Get out, get out, I wish I was able to break free from your hold,
But I like in the darkness, still and calm,
Haunting comfort in the unknown
Waves crashing over my head, but I can’t be bothered to care.

So maybe the bottom of the ocean is where I should stay,
Because I found something down here,
To call mine and keep with me always
And I would choose him every time.

Keep my messages in a bottle,
Let them float away with the gentle pull of the moon
I no longer have a need to be rescued,
No when I’m here in the comfort of him.

Pushed together, ran with the current,
Let the waters keep me under, singing that fatal hymn I’ve grown to love.