we need the change.


I can’t stop staring, listening,

The words are so broken,
I don’t even know what to make of them.
The emotion behind them, the hate, the love, the sadness,

God it breaks me,

I wish I couldn’t, shut my eyes and ears,

Enjoy the bliss that comes with ignorance,
Because there has to be an answer to this,
A flicker of relief for my assurances,
Isn’t that all we’re reduced to,
Our own fragile hearts and how much they can handle,

(I’ll tell you it isn’t much, one crack, and they shatter into pieces)

How much more can we take,
The lies, the abuse the blatant disregard for any decent humanity,

I can’t believe we’ve lost it all.

Have we become such a broken state that we no longer know that it feels like to be whole…?
I’ve no power left with this privilege life dealt me,
And god knows I’ve tried to use the best way I can,
Wielding the mistakes and wrongs to educate and learn from my past,

But it’ never good enough, never powerful enough,

And I hate that the world reduces us to this powerless feeling on inadequacy,
Of lonesome and failings

Of everything we never hoped we would be…

toxic formula

She bit her lip until it bled,
The blood dripping from between her breasts,
Slithering to between her thighs,
As though it would find safety in a familiar place,
Why must they fight, wage war on each other,
It doesn’t hurt as much as the breaking of her heart,

Pain, time, they all mix together, in a toxic formula,
One bleeds into the other, much like her love and his hate,
Or was it her doubt and his assurances,
Because at this point she knows they’re both so, so wrong,
And they both believe they’re right,
Bruised hips and stained lips,
Never led to a more perfect miscommunication.

Her lip is numb
His thumb has wiped the blood clean,
Licking it from the tip, a knowing glint in his eyes,
Her heart sparks in a familiar rage,
Blood boiling and heart pounding,
And she prepares herself for round two.


Breath ragged,
Pants loudly ring in the silence,
We fought, harsh and heavy,
The weight of it still lingering in the air,
Thick and haunting,
And I can’t help the desire that stings,
All I can think of getting you underneath me,
Proving my point as I have you moaning and rocking against me,
Needing to fill this ache growing inside,

All I can think of is you inside me.

Knowing the anger is still there,
I bite, you hiss and we toss and turn in the sheets for dominance,
So excited, so eager to prove ourselves we get lost in the haze,
The lust building and the raw emotion spills out,
Building and simmering,
Heat explodes in so many ways,
The darkness stings as stars explode in my vision,
And all I can see is love.
And you.