my darkness calls to you

My darkness calls to you like no other,

Time and time again,
We find ourselves back again,
Under the street lights,

In between the desperate and shameful,
Under the broken neon lights,
Casting a dull glow over the bar stools we stain,
Can you hear me?

There’s nothing to fight this,
We tried…walking, running,
Crawling away
I’m lonely,
And you know how to fix me without my telling,

Such a strong words to broken hearts like ours,
But we make it work with the cracks and bite marks.
Bury yourselves in my under those broken neon lights,
And I promise to make my darkness sing your praises.



It’s how I start the sentence,
Mouth opening and closing,
I know what I want to say,
But the only word that comes out is the first.
Afraid to finish my sentence,

Why…I couldn’t tell you.
Maybe I’m afraid of how you’ll see my after everything is said,
Maybe I can’t put the feelings into words,
That makes them true,
Makes the hurt and anger and helplessness real.
And maybe,
I can’t handle that.
Maybe I can’t deal,

Maybe this isn’t what I thought it to be,
And maybe I was wrong,
But you’ll never hear me utter those words,
Because maybe is the word that stops me every time,
The thing that makes me swallow the words that follow,
Every time…

fantasy forest

Creeping up,
Scarcely running away from my reality,
I find you,

As though you knew I’d stumble onto you here,

Among the chaos and the noise,
Even though I swear you were shut off forever,
Kept away for my own safety,

My own sanity.

But yet,
I found you; all on my own,
I dug deeper into the dirt,
Wandered further than I ever dared,
Finding you like a light among the trees,
Filtered and faint,

But you were waiting for me,
As though you thought I wouldn’t seek you out,
Surprised but not unwilling,
Creeping up on you,
You welcome me back with tangled webs and open thorns,
And into the dark forest we fall,
Further away from my reality
A mere fantasy that the sun shines on.

sing it with me

Just to keep you by my side,
Keep you hanging on the threads I weave,
I can’t tell whose we started to believe more,
The world or ours,

They keep us tangled,
Keep hurting me,
In the best way,
Because I believe your stories,
Believe in the tales you spin,
Until I drown in them,
And paint me more of those pretty pictures,
Creating the image in my head,
My throat is caught in the web,
The silk tightening until it’s all I inhale,

Lay with me lover,
And tell me all the things that you never believed,
And I’ll weave my claws into you just a little more,
Singing the pain away one note at a time…

Hazy mornings

Hot and heavy,

All I feel is your breath on me, tracing the path down, down, and down,

Just grazing over that spot I need you touch. Desperately. God, please. Anything. Just a touch, god I can’t take it.

You smirk, like you know exactly how you effect me.

This little game has gone on long enough.

Tangled sheets, I can’t remember who held out longer, but my vision goes haze when you finally sink your teeth in. Oh….

Hot and heavy,

All I feel is that burning desire. And I need you fuck me. Now.

Oh baby, and you think I’m the tease…

What is it to you?

It’s the thing that keeps you up at night,

Jolting from your bed, eyes wide is a panic, Blindly search the darkness for something to cling to.

You’re quite. The only thing you hear, feel, is the pounding of your heart, the tremors that you can’t seem to shake.

A thrill you hate, but relish in it every time.

It’s the thing that won’t let you fall back to sleep, still thinking still wondering. It’s grips your mind and you can’t stray for long.

It’s the thing that has you staring into the darkness. The same one you cling to when you’re blinded, if only for your sanity. Tearing at a piece of mind. Your peace.

It’s the thing that…the thing you can’t let go of, because you don’t want to. Well, want is a strong word. You don’t let go. Because what if you can’t get it back.

It’s the thing you don’t know what you’ll do without.

What is it to you?


Struggling to write,
Think, talk, anything,
Nothing comes to my head,
Because I keep drawing blanks,
The words on the tip of my tongue,
As soon as I try to think of them,
A cloud roams over my thoughts,
Static coursing through,
Stealing any semblance of thoughts,
Lights go on,
And the room stays dark,
Lost in the things I can’t find the words for,
What was it I need to say…?