the gotcha fool

Dance around me,
those eyes drawing me in,
The heat growing between us,
And we have yet to lay a hand on each other,
What could this be if not love,
…or lust, or passion of whatever I need to say to get you in my arms now,

I’ll say anything, you know you have that power over me,
My arousal spiked and my thoughts focused on you,
You must have drugged me,
Intoxicated me with more than just your charm
I’ve never felt this strongly about anything,
And although your tempting,
I can’t believe my heart would be ensnared so deeply by the looks of you alone,
yet, I feel like I know your soul

And that has to mean something,
To feel you so stronger and not know you at all, God what a wonder, to know what love is
And yet, not be able to describe it….
I (hope) think this is what that is, for us,
At least, we can still find out and explore….

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