prince charming

You wanted a Prince,
Someone to sweep you off your feet,
To pull you up from the messes you made from the hearts you’d broke,
And tell you everything will be okay,Because someone would take it from there.
You wanted someone to clean you up,
Make you a better version of yourself that you had dreamed of,
(Because you didn’t have the discipline or the strength to create her yourself)
So you wished on every shooting star,
Dug you fingers into the Earth for that one four leaved clover,
And prayed, to anyone willing to listen to the broke pleas,
Hoping you’d be given what you desperately wanted.

What was sent your way…
Wasn’t at all what you thought,

Instead you got nothing but the arrogance of a prince,
Entitlement that made your heart cringe and your lips bruise,
Tears that blinded you to everything that was so, so wrong with it,
Yet you still let it happen.
Let them into your heart, your body,
Expecting the next to heal the wounds from the last,
So surprised, dumbfounded as to how you’d come out worse than before,
(But tell ‘em, who are you kidding?)
(You knew what was best for you, fuck everything, and everyone else)
And you stand strong against the current,
The waves of endless abuse and perverse love,
Because you know this is part of it all,
Even when it doesn’t feel like it,
Love is there. Just look harder.

You wished and prayed,
Yet here you are,
Heart broken too many times to count,
And nothing to show for it,
You got princes, Kings even,
Whose head was too big for their crown,
Whose kingdom saw what you were to blind to,
And here you are,
A Queen with scars and a broken heart, rising to meet her King one last time,
Facing him head on and ready to fight for what she deserves…
Many a noble have laid their lives on the line in the battle of love,
Good luck my Queen,And may you find that thing you sought for, for so long…
After all, isn’t this what you wished for?

9 thoughts on “prince charming

  1. Dhugaa Tolaa says:

    I always follow your posts.
    I read and love your poems. I consider you sometimes who write and speak my mind!
    Thank you so much dear!
    Keep it up writing soul healing poems!
    Dhugaa Tolaa

    Liked by 1 person

  2. davidjhopcroft says:

    Kind of describes those situations where the desire to please becomes more important than the desire to be pleased, where hope of what a relationship might offer gives way to clinging to that hope and giving in to another’s desires. These days Kings are something of a scarce commodity 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. taurusingemini says:

    A lot of women became, socialized into the mindset of needing rescue, and, after we internalized these, stereotypes of, what women shoud be, weget stuck, socialized into to, thinking that we need the presence of men, to, make our ives, complete, when we all have it in us, to stand, on our, own two, feet.


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