Aw darling, were the words I said to harsh for your ideals,
Did I not fit into the definition of what you defined me?
You were never a part of my life in the way you so desperately needed to be,
And you threw tantrums and lashed out when you couldn’t get the answers you wanted,
Petty little bully, shoved into the words of a keyboard
And that was fine; I let you wear yourself down, all tuckered out,
Yet you couldn’t stay asleep,
And had to give one last failed attempt,
Kicking your feet and screaming insults all because you were unhappy with whatever was the cause,
Because I didn’t let you in, refused for fall,
But don’t let me be the one to tell you otherwise,
Because I truly don’t care,
We weren’t friends, I made that clear,
And you couldn’t take the goddamn hint,
But thankfully only the plastic of our screens saw the damage and desperation.
Though the testimonies will forever haunt the Internet…

It’s a sigh of relief,
Not having to explain for the hundredth time why you aren’t worth mine,
How does it feel to cast me aside, to make your stance?
I hope it gives you the closure you think you deserve,
And let this be the last reminder of just what we were,
In reality, not in the words we cast aside,
That there never was or will a time when this would have been anything more than what it was,
Nothing but a blink in the moments of life,
As quick to come was it was gone….

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