delusion and disillusions

How funny, how amusing,
How the mind plays tricks on us,
Even when we try too hard to beat it,
To be the smarter half of it all,
We still end up the fools played by its tricks,
We lie to ourselves,
Tell ourselves we’re okay with this reality,
With this scene that’s played out in front of us time and time again,
If only because we’re afraid that the truth may bubble over,
And then what?
We face it?                                                            
No way, that’s too much,
Too much to take in,
Not worth facing the harshness of this loves cruelty feast,
When we’re comfortable with the disillusion we placed before us,
So eager to pick off the plates of those who shine,
So bright, we can never see the shadows they’ve plagued us with,
So where do we go from here?
Back into the minds of the delusion…
To play favor to the guests to this expensive façade,
I can’t afford to be blinded anymore,
So I guess it’s all in, I’m all in,
To the game I thought I could beat with a simply play on words and beginners luck.

2 thoughts on “delusion and disillusions

  1. The Dreamcatcher says:

    wonderful thoughts there ! Nothing else has fascinated philosophers and thinkers alike as the human mind. Something we have within ourselves, yet so incomprehensible in itself ! As you have chosen to say it – mind of ‘delusions’. That thin line between reality and delusion !


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