smile darling (can’t let the world know you’re mad)

Grin and bear it,
Put a smile to make that face pretty,
Sweet and docile,
It makes it easier to glance over you as they dismiss you,
How many times are we told to accept what we cannot change?
And never learn to change what is,
Too long I’ve let you dictate my words, my choices
My mannerisms,
But I can’t stay quiet anymore,
These thoughts have built and exploded from my lips,
The weight of them lifted off my chest,
I can’t stop—do I want to?
It’s so liberating to say what I feel, what I think,
And to know that nothing of you can control me any longer,
Because I removed the thoughts of you from my opinions,
Which means I no longer care what you think, in case you didn’t read between the lines,
I know it isn’t easy when thing aren’t going according to plan,
But no worries darling, I promise to make the easy for you to follow,
Grin, smile form ear to ear,
Bear the weight of all you’ve done under the guise of smile,
Because it’s so much easier to not let the world deal with your emotional turmoil sweetie,
Once you calm down I’m sure we can discuss why my words make you feel so many things, so much anger and conflicting
And I can’t wait to hear the calm logic and manly wisdom that comes from being bested by a woman you sought to keep beneath you.

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