we love best high

I think we love best high,
When we can’t form a coherent thought,
And the feelings are all we have, to know what’s real.
That’s when we are in sync and in love,
Tracing our names onto our skin,
Only to feel the emotions vibrate off a single touch,
But maybe,
Maybe this is how we are meant to love,
Focused on a feeling, an emotion we can’t name,
But only feel,
I think,

I think we love best drunk,

Because, when we’re sober, we don’t remember the words so sweetly whispered,
Those of love that spilled so easily from our lose lips,

So freely, without the constraint,
They come without hesitation and thought,
As if they were ready, bursting through our minds and off our tongues,

The way we wished we could love,
I think…
I think we love bettered altered,
Because we aren’t ready to give these emotions sense in the logic and norm,

Or maybe,
Because they only live in the altered reality we paint ourselves after one too many….

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