blurred visions (i can’t see you)

Vision crossed,
My head is spinning,
I can’t make out a single thought that doesn’t surround you,
Can’t think of anything but you,
And there lies the problem,
You can’t be all I think of,
This is over; we are done, too toxic and too involved in all the wrong passions,
We were never meant to last this long, our fireworks were only physical,
Wrapped in smokescreens to hide the problems we were too afraid to broadcast,

I can’t focus,
Can’t think of the words I need to form,
They’re heavy on my tongue, blaring in my head,
It gives me a headache,
I need to lie down, wait for the pressure to leave my heart, leave my head,
I have too much to carry on my own,
I thought you were suppose to help carry the burden, I thought,
I thought so much from you, for you… I wish you could have been what I thought you were going to be…

I still need someone to explain to me what happened
What went wrong for us,
Because all I can see it the love I made up, the good I gave to you,
And all you can do is shrug and move away from me,
Like I never mattered,
And that is what shattered my heart…
I can never go back to the moment I never met you…

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