then attention of strangers

Why is the attention of the stranger worth it,
Why do we improve ourselves on the validations of another?
Of the thoughts of those who can’t even begin to know us,
And let their first impression dictate our feelings,
Why, I could ask that question for days,
Months and years will go by and I’ll still be left wondering,
Still trying to impress that one stranger, who questioned it, who called us out,
And I fall victim to it countless times…                                     
I wish I had the answer,
Knew why the strangers I praise, I pour my thoughts and heart to,
Can change my mindset with one negative critique,
Maybe that’s just how we are,
As beings who crave compliments and validation from those who have no idea who we are,
In todays world, a picture of a hundred generate likes and one shitty reply,
It leaves a lasting mark on our sensitive hearts,
And we spiral,
Taking those close to us down for the ride,
But who are we to collapse on such a fragile notion,
The sheer audacity to think we are formed from but a single word,
A single thought or action we betrayed,
And it all boils down one comment, one differed opinion for it to all come crashing down.

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