My Best Friend

There isn’t enough love on this Earth that I could give you,
Not even words could express the way I feel about you,
But I can do my best to show you.
Show you the ways I love you. When we can talk for hours about nonsense,
Things that only you and I understand; because we have talked to each other since forever began, at least in our minds.
Let me show you the ways I love you, let us discover them together.
From the random messages during the day, the ‘I love yous’ hidden in the exes and ohs,
I find them in the tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing too hard,
Because some stories can’t be shared with words alone.
I find them in the ways you show up at my door long after the sun has set,
If only to see me and hold me tight, to whisper things will be okay even when they
clearly aren’t.
These moments that we have are infinite, everything I need and can’t seem to get enough of. I find our moments of love buried in the endless phone calls,
The way we can say so much, and never speak a word,
The way I never have let anyone come this close to my soul,
And haven’t been terrified of the damage they could wreck.
The way I wouldn’t change a thing about us. Not a thing.

I see the ways I love you in how my thoughts always circle back to you,
How I wish you nothing but love and happiness and good.
I see them in the endless jokes and banter we have between us,
The way I never laugh as hard as when I am with you.
I feel it in the emotions that come about as I write this for you,
The good, the sad, the things that make up us,

My thoughts on paper, the least I could do, compared to everything you’ve done for me.
I love you so much; I will never love another like the way I do you.
And I am so blessed to have you in my life, grateful to claim you as my person, and I you.
My best friend, my everything; so while there aren’t enough words and gestures,
Allow me to show you the infinite ways I love you so

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