Timeless Waters

There are things I whisper only to night and her stars,
And if I’m lucky, the moon replies back with ethereal lyrics from a song
Lost to time and the oceans tides.
The song is timeless, as familiar as the sky reflected in the waters.
My heart aches at the solemn melody I’ve found in the shadows.
That is where you will find me,
Caught between the currents and the sand, where the water rises to the sky,
Singing the story of my broken heart.

Young love is like the ocean, beautiful, whimsical,
Rough, dangerous and widely unknown of how deep she’s felt.
Everyone thinks they can swim against the currents,
Float along with ships strong enough to withstand her storms.
(But those ships sailed falsely with greed, and thus sunk in her anger)
I was once naïve and innocent in the ways of love,
But love, much like the ocean, drowns fools.
And still I return again and again, just to feel the water beneath my hands,
Ready to let her pull me into her depths once more.

There is no moon to guide you to me this night; her light cannot penetrate the
Thickness of the forests and murky waters that keeps me here.
For it is not cement walls or barbed wire that shield my heart,
Only dense forests and rose bushes, with beautiful ruby petals
And thorns as sharp and tough as the words on my tongue.
You settled like a wildfire upon my heart,
Burning away the fallen leaves and broken trees.
Until the flames reach the waters edge,
The embers bleed into the sunset, lighting the dust and underbrush.

There are some things I can only whisper into the night,
And if I’m lucky, you will hear the cries that sing me a song as endless as the sea,
As tragic and lovely as the woods that hide my heart.
So look for me in the shade of a forest, the depth of the sea,
Where I sit upon the rocks, and write the tale of my broken heart,
In hopes that you will give it a new ending.
Oceans separate us, so I will send my love in a bottle,
And pray that it will find refuge on your shores.
And when you finally find me,
We will lie at the edge of the sea, and gaze up at a black sky
Waiting for a star to die so it may grant us our wish

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