Siren’s Call

It’s 2AM and all I can think of is your hands,
They hold my body to yours, trap in its warm embrace,
And all I can think is this is what it must be like to drown.
You think you know what’s waiting for you at the bottom when you jump,
And then panic sets in as your feet hit the waters surface.
After that, you’re caught between self-preservation and a perverse sense of danger.
It’s hard to distinguish the two when I’m with you, so for now I float on the edge.
Waiting for the waves to crash and pull me under.

The tides never stay the same, and the current changes course,
And I find myself back on your shores, soaking up the sun, under the cliff.
The first jump is always the worse,
(So it’s no surprise that I find myself leaping over again and again.)
For something that comes with such ease, I still manage to smile at my hesitation.
(It’s never easy to blindly give yourself to someone)
I pray the waters to wash away the sins of lovers, both past and new.
(And let your whispered hallelujahs soak in my mind)

It’s 4AM and I’ve wasted the night in my thoughts.
I feel your breath warm against my neck,
But your hands have not left my body,
And I think this is what it must be like to drown–
At peace, drifting off to sleep, letting the water carry my heart to you.
I never meant to fall, but the waters calm demeanor lured me in
So together we float along, seeing just how long we can hold our breath.

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