When She Kisses You I Hope You See Stars

She shines like the sun, bright and beautiful, but deadly to look to closely to,
Glowing in the dim lighting, as fragile as the problems of the world,
Waiting to be exploited and mocked for a false sense of gain.
Yet you are drawn to her out of a familiarity I can’t grasp,
With a need I cannot begin to understand.
They say the hearts of young lovers are yet to be understood,
That poets and artists cannot capture the beauty of something so unearthly.
But all they need is to look at her, and they will understand the unnatural appeal.
She is a beauty I can never hope to be,
And I sink into the shadows because my shine cannot compare.
I want a love that is able to move mountains and shatter hearts,
But love is too much of a bitch to ever intentionally cause that kind of damage,
And she will spite me in name alone, just to prove a point.
Yet your sun shines brighter, unexpected and envious,
Because as much as I wish to capture your attention like she,
I can only hold an ember to the wildfire she has started.
So when she kisses you, I hope you see stars, because you deserve nothing less,
And I hope the fates gather around to grant your every wish
Because a sun that shines brighter and more beautiful than I,
Deserves stars that galaxies revolve around, waiting to give their all.

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