The Art of How To

Apparently, there is no formal guide for this sort of thing. Maybe
Because no one wants to write it, or no one knows what to write.
Clearly in need of assistance, here’s my two cents.
Dare I say, I imagine myself an expert on the matter,
Even though I have no formal training, how hard could it be?
Frankly, it’s not a matter of skill, nor a test of one’s intellect, so just
Give me some of your time, and I’ll make this worth your while,
“How to be short and to the point,” is what I’ll call my guide. My
Intent shall be helping those who like to babble on and on,
Just shy of getting to their actual point. So,
Keep your attention on my helpful “How To” and me and
Let me help you get over that annoying habit of talking too
Much. So, should give steps or rules?
No, no, examples shall the best teaching method.
Only when you see what not to do can you do what is right.
Personally, I learned better from watching other’s mistakes, that’s why I’m
Qualified to write this “How To”. I think my title is too long,
Really quite mouthful. Perhaps I should
Shorten it down. That’s besides the point, since I spent the majority of my
Time not getting to the point.
Unfortunately, the damage is done. I should include a warning; ‘outcomes
Vary’, or ‘results not guaranteed’.
What a fail my guide has been, oh the irony. Just like math makes finding
X overly complex, I’ve done the same. This didn’t turn out the way I planned. I hope
You don’t feel cheated. Clearly, I’m a little too over
Zealous about the whole thing. Now I see why there is no guide.

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