loves gamble

Risks come with love,
it’s the nature of the game,
One all in (love) to play, eager to dive in and explore the possibilities,
But never imagine the consequences,
Though we all know them,
Can see them in others; offer advice and scorn,
But refuse to let them settle into our own affairs,
Always believing we are the exceptions to these rules,
But I know better,
Thought I did,
Knew the consequences of all the one time lovers I let into my bed,
Thought I could cheat the system by cheating the rules of love,
I didn’t even know what love was until you,
And god did I lose,
Over and over again
I lost my sanity, my dignity and my heart,
Over a game I thought I could cheat,
But, I laugh now, because love is a game no one wins without sacrificing their heart
And sometimes,
The dealer’s hand leads to something so much greater then its face value,
And it’s is nothing but luck that leads us to the winning hand…

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