Perhaps once you learn to stop letting your titles define you,
You can find her, the one who lived so freely outside her confines,
Unafraid of the person who kept her hopes in the past,
Framed old pictures in hopes they would become a reality once more,
Living on the lie that everything was fine,
She was held back, living in fear of failure, of not living up to the expectations,
Those titles, those names that she did not give herself,
She lived with them as a weight, a single name to define her.
Living like they make her the person she was meant to present to the world,
A shell,
But the she that you need, exists beyond the labels and names,
Buried in the parts of you, you only show in front of a mirror,
And she’s dying to make herself seen, heard and loved,
Because she is more than a title, a shell and a fear,
She is you, and you are her(no matter how shamefully you deny and cover her in lies
And once you learn to accept her, and love
She’ll be ready and waiting to give you a new title,
One you can both be proud of.

3 thoughts on “titles

  1. rarebloom says:

    I can not express how deeply I identify with so many of your posts. Learning to accept every “version” of ourselves is the only key to true freedom. What we label as ugly, or shameful is simply part of being human. Confessional, transparent writing is life to me. Enjoyed it much!


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