all in a word

Isn’t it funny how a small group of text,
Random letters put in seemingly random order,
Can make you feel so, so much?
It can make you sad,
Tears lingering, or bursting through,
Those from anger are the worst,
They fall freely despite your attempts to hold them back,
And the words that entice them are bittersweet, dry and hollow on your
Falling short of the very meanings that burned the back of your throat,
But, these texts, theses seemingly foreign letters,
They come together and form beautiful words,
Love, peace, beauty,
And then, in the same sentence,
Hate, anger, disgust,
They call to you,
Not the words, but the feelings they evoke,
And you’re left to decide how to react,
That’s the tricky part,
The feelings of the words,
Because, sticks and stones my friends,
But words; are the wound you never feel until it’s too late.

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