I had a dream,
We were on a swing, and we kept swinging and swinging,
Higher and higher, it was nice to feel the wind in my hair,
How everything seemed so much smaller up above.
But, as everything does, we grew tired of rocking back and forth,
Of pushing and kicking our legs only to stay exactly the same.
So I tried to put us to a halt,
I kicked my legs straight, I pushed my heels into the ground,
But no matter what I did, we never stopped,
We kept going at the same pace, the same speed,
And the distance from the ground began daunting and scary,
Suspense tried to lift me out of my seat, and it did,
Until gravity tied be back in place, thrusting me towards the ground once again,
Though we still continued up, still swinging back and forth,
The swing kept up at the same speed, the same distances,
And I couldn’t wake up….

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