fallen for eyes that have not met mine

And I’ve fallen for someone I haven’t met yet,
Wrapped in love and soulful glances with a taste of longing and peace,
I’ll see you in the whisper of another, the taste of a mouth whose kisses aren’t mine,
Still waiting for the feeling of wholeness and love.
So I’ll kiss frogs, toads and boys, who have no emotions,
Hoping to fix myself in the ways that I’ve been bent and broken.
Never knowing that a fraction of my heart was waiting for this perfect stranger,
To glue the piece of my body and heart together.

A puzzle is never whole without knowing the entire picture,
Yet, I know you can be the one the fix the pieces,
Those that linger into each other, and those who fall out of place.
A puzzle with your touch can set sparks to the frame,
Burning embers into an image with little left to spark.

So I have fallen for eyes that linger upon my face and body
But have yet to capture my heart, and I’ll wait for that day,
When I can fall deep and mad, and feel insane and calm all at once,
Because that is what love is to me.
Wrapped in strangers kisses and familiar touches,
Waiting to be unlocked and seen for something deeper than a casual fling

19 thoughts on “fallen for eyes that have not met mine

  1. Gabriel Heartman says:

    You just recently liked my last blog post and I can so feel the heart cry in yours like mine. It is such an honor that you were moved by my writing. I am deeply touched, and clearly resonate with your beautiful heart.

    Liked by 2 people

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