the destruction of you

This love was something I was never prepared for,
Not dreams, day or night, nor fantasies,
No lover before you helped pave the way for your destruction.
Destruction…such a powerful, negative word when describing love,
Or at least what we perceive to be love,
But yes, nothing prepared me for your destruction of me.

It was probably for the best,
The sudden shift in my tides,
The way my world shift to meet yours,
Because we seem to have this way of destroying our chances when we try to prefect the
Running from the problem we created while attempting to avoid it.
A vicious cycle,
Destroy and repair, repair and then let the destruction settle in,
But, I suppose that’s what we needed,
To be made completely vulnerable,

In return, we built each other up,
Found your strength and built them upon my own.
And together, we rose from the destruction into this,
A beautiful, indescribable thing,
And for that, I’m thankful I was unprepared,
Blinded and forced to learn as I go,
Because it made us beautiful…

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