Of all the two faced things in this world, yours was by far the ugliest,
For who could ever believe the snake dressed in rags and cheap gems?
You may have tired this game before with a different charmer,
But let me tell you, games of the mind happen to be a specialty of mine,
So lets dance around the poison darling and see who can survive the venom,
Nature was always good at natural selection,

You know of karma, seem to think of her as a friend,
But she has a way of making sure everyone gets what’s deserved,
And your bark seems to be as pathetic as your bite,
But its cute to see you all riled up,
And I’ve been thinking, what your issue is with us,
Only to come up short and confused, dazed in your glowing scales.
So I’ve stopped trying to win the heart of a fake lover, and started to focus on me,
And babe, it’s the best revenge crafted.

So hear me, while I’m inclined to speak my truth,
Let this shit go, for we both know I have way better things to take care of,
This dance is over, the game tired, and
Your charm will only work for the bones you’ve buried yourself with,
Leave the conversations for the adults that don’t lower themselves to grovel like children And I promise your ignorance will be just as blissful as I when your attention will no longer be when fixated on me.

14 thoughts on “charmed

  1. Love it Now says:

    we usually interpret the acts of others according to our own way of acting and thinking. there is a saying: what you say about others says sth about you, not about them 🙂 So if the games of the mind are your speciality (as you wrote) I would be careful with judging others. I usually try not to fall in the trap of my own inetrpretations but I know it’s difficult sometiemes🙂

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