blank skys (the stars can’t save us)

Have you exhausted my line,
Uses me up and bled me dry,
Is this the future we promised each other underneath stars and kisses,
Had I agreed because I was hypnotized by your eyes and smile,
And I didn’t’ even realize,
Or maybe I did, do,
But I’m so tired,
Fighting and screaming,
Cowering and silence,
They don’t make up for the damage the words tumbling inside my mind,
Bouncing back and forth,
Time has been harsh to us,
Words planting themselves, ready to explode,
Taking out everything in its path.
There’s nothing left to say, to do,
Is this the future those stars knew when they looked down on us,
Mocking us, or pitying us because we could not see what they could,
Looking up at a blank sky,
I’d imagine they had more to say,
If they wanted to show themselves,
But for lovers like us,
Nothing the stars know can save us now.

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