point of yous

I wish you could see it from my point of view,
How damage has a way of carrying everything with it,
And it translates into every part of you,
I wish you could see.
I feel sorry for the person you were before,
When you let things happen and settled for the least,
Because that person, conditioned you,
Molded you to accept what you thought you deserved,
And I think you deserve everything, have it all,
But it’s so hard, when you can’t see it
That person, faulted you and molded you into…this
And I hate them for it,
Because I can’t fix you, not all at once
Not in a short amount of time,
And it’s not fair,
Not to you, not to me, not the ones we could be,
They damaged you,
All the point of yous,
And you’re so far gone you can’t even see.
Can’t understand that you have parts so broken they dangle off yourself,
And until all I can glue them back,
You lug them along the floor, dragging more dirt and breaking it down further,
Until they become rags, pieces I try to sew back together,
But I can’t see anything from your point of view,
Down on the ground,
The damage splayed out along the floor….

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