peices ( you left)

We both know,
You’ll be gone in the morning,
It has to happen,
Fate, cruelty, life,
It doesn’t matter the name we give it,
It won’t make it hurt any less,
You’ll be gone,
And I’ll be here left to pick up the pieces of what you left behind,
And you’ll have no idea the damage it will cause,
No idea the hurt, the anger, the agony I’ll suffer,
Quietly, behind close doors,
Because no one can know how much you affected me,
They’ll say you weren’t worth it,
Not worth my time nor my tears,
And they aren’t wrong,
But they’ll never know.
And then, after time moves on the only way she knows how,
After my steps get lighter, and my heart lifts a little more off my chest,
You’ll manage to find your way back here,
Crawling, needy and shaken from what life threw your way,
And time will never let you get back,
And I’ll be here,
But not the way you left me,
And you’ll never know what to call it,
Because I no longer cruse your name…I don’t whimper it in my sleep,
And I no longer have any more pieces left to pick up after you.

26 thoughts on “peices ( you left)

  1. charlypriest says:

    Great one Writer Soul, I actually thought for a moment you were talking about me and an ex that I had some year ago…..was it you?
    Really great powerful writing, you make it really look like it comes out of your heart. It was a great read.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. julietkey says:

    Beautifully written! 🙂

    I read in coments, that I am not the only one, but this really describes precisly how I feel about the one who broke my heart.

    We had nothing real, just the spark of pasion,
    it was an unspoken rule between us that we are going just to play a little game with this spark.
    We agreed not to set any fires.
    We were dumb to belive, we could tame this force.
    At least I was.
    As you have heard all too well – don`t play with fire.

    Now I am picking up the peaces, which are all gone, only ashes left.

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