Broke n Heart

Oh sweetheart, how I longed to hear you need me,
But I know you say it from the bottom of your seventh glass,
And need is too strong a word to be found in your vocabulary
Still, the little hope inside me soars, thinking I could change you yet.
Dress it up, with lace and silk, but hope has always been cruel fated for me.

Why are things always not what I want them to be?
Maybe they have been what I needed at the time,
But you could not have been a want or a need with the way you crashed into me,
Feelings to strong and desire present in all the wrong ways,
I fell too hard and fast for a devil like you.

So don’t tell me you need me when you have been fine by yourself,
And don’t say I love you when your heart is guarded by the past and her scorns,
I can’t be waiting and hanging on your every word.
So I’ll kiss you on the cheek and brush the hair from your eyes,
Whispering words that mean more to me than to you,
And I’ll live in this hope of a heart already broken.

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