a force of nature

Look at the white lights that dance upon the waters edge,
Reflected in your tired eyes, they appear and disappear with ever blink.
They say the feelings and desires are here to stay, yet once the ripples subside,
You’re gone like a ghost lost in the mist, faded in the waters surface.
We will never be the same as the night we found each other,
Fresh and free with wide-eyes, innocent in so many ways;
Just as the sun will never shine less than when the moon dangles in its sky,
We fade into each other, bleeding and sinking into a never-ending horizon.
But time has a funny way of altering everything we once found comfort in,
And our routines are bound by the nature of an ever-changing universe.

This feeling is meant to be natural and beautiful and pure,
Yet I can never seem to cling to the feeling others openly praise,
Perhaps it is thanks to you, a force of nature upon my sheltered mind and heart,
Perhaps, it is thanks to a careful upbringing, lacking sunlight and growth,
But I suppose we will never be able to pin the blame on one thing alone.
Just as the weather is constantly shifting,
Altering the landscapes that it wreaks havoc on,
We clashed and raged as two natural disasters only could,
Each hoping to out damage the other, a game neither would win.

Trying to move this mountain is proving more difficult than we thought,
We had always been arrogant, believing us to be greater than what we were.
Oh pride, what have you turned us into.
And the ghost that once haunted me each moonless night,
Has become our shadow, trapped in the peak of the sun,
Steady and calm, fatal in its underestimation.

So we find each other in every turmoil and façade,
Waiting for the other to cave and be consumed,
But if there is anything we have learned over the years,
It is to keep our horizons clear when we have each other in our sight
For the twisters and thunderous storms that come from our unions have proven to be
catastrophic in more ways than one

12 thoughts on “a force of nature

  1. brijkaulblog says:

    Nature is splendid ,changing its course without bending or circling out of its Axis. The sun shines in a manner that the rays g;eam through each and every branch leaving nothing for a shadow.
    A poem superbly weaved around your feelings and thoughts.

    Liked by 2 people

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