My Timeless Memory

If tonight it all we have left, drink one more bottle of wine with me,
And lets dance under the light of a star filled sky,
With the moon following in our footsteps, pulled by gravity,
Holding each other for whatever we are worth at that moment.
As our hearts flutter in sync, in time, with the music of the night,
Let us not dwell on the sorrow of goodbyes and last impressions.
Forever seems so far away when you’re in my arms,
So lets stop the clock and hold our promises to the hour’s hand,
As it stalls a minute past eternity, lingering on the 12 o’clock hour.

I’ve only got a second until you fade in front of me,
And our timing had never been in sync with our hearts desires,
But we made the best of a fucked up game of chance,
Coming out with so much more than we could have hoped.
By now, time is wondering what we have stolen from it,
(Because time is only important when it’s running out)
And she is vengeful thing, holding onto dying wishes and stolen breaths.
So goodbye to you, my timeless memory,
A lover, a friend, an enemy torn from the depths of my heart,
This is our final song; know that we made the best of it, and
Maybe one day we can dance on the moon without the fear of gravity pulling us apart.

9 thoughts on “My Timeless Memory

  1. Kimberly says:

    I am dealing with something similar to this story…waiting for that goodbye and not know when it will be, but I know it’s coming. This is a perfect story of what is to come in my life and I thank you for writing it.

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  2. DepressionStrength says:

    I haven’t been reading blogs or writing much on mine lately. Glad to have returned to some more great content. Your poetry has a certain personality to it, I can’t think of the right word to describe what I mean. I guess what I mean is that I can sense the passion put into it, it has a soul.

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  3. johnsmithiiimxiii says:

    I took a Russian literature class once, first day of class the teacher asked me a question, I didn’t even know she knew me from Adam, “They say the poetry is burning life, is that true?” It stunned me for a second, but it didn’t take but a couple heart beats to answer, “That seems about right.” Keep that life burning!

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