Something to Beg for

You want me on my hands and knees?
Begging and moaning for something any man could give me,
Yet you seem to think yours is a gift I would not find anywhere else.
Let me tell you something lover, a cock is a cock and yours is not too impressive,
The way you use it doesn’t make me writhe and gasp,
Nor does it make me beg on my knees.
So don’t be surprised to find my other lovers waiting,
Because they can fuck me just like you, uncaring and quick and in need of a lay,
And don’t let your ego get the best of us; it is only fact I spill,
Like the wetness you leave between my legs,
To be washed away in the morning, along with any trace of you.

You want me on my hands and knees?
Begging and moaning for something any man will give me?
Make my know you care, that I am more than a place to get your dick wet,
That I am not just another pair of tits to add to your list,
I am not just what my body has to offer,
My mind is not filled with way to please you and learn how to make you happy,
But maybe, it could be, if I knew you were someone worth caring for.
So you want me to beg? Give me something to beg for.

23 thoughts on “Something to Beg for

  1. Ward Clever says:

    Whoa… hello. Not what I usually expect to see on the first post I read of someone’s blog, but I liked it. I severely misjudged what I thought I would see by your girl-next-door picture.

    Thanks for that! lol and thanks for visiting my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thereluctantpoet says:

    Wow!! You are so beautiful up on a soapbox!!! A beautiful truth men need to hear and accept. Powerful, raw and impressive, My Dear!! Love the way your words – slap with a sting!!! The physical is only meaningful and memorable when connected to the heart and soul too!!
    Bellissimo, Dear!


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