Relapsed Addiction

There is nothing like a taboo waiting for you in your bedroom.
So keep my head down and bend me over,
Make me slowly lose my sanity over and over again,
And for you I will cry and sing praises meant only for the Gods to hear.
Are you waiting for your little princess to open her mouth?
Down on her hands and knees, moaning and begging for you?
My body is spent as I wait for you to finish,
Shuttering and shaking from the aftershocks of pleasure
Oh I know you aren’t worthy of my love or affection,
But boy, I know your body as well as the pleasure of my own.
And you can only keep a good girl waiting for so long,
Before she moves on to bigger and… sturdier things.
So make my body crave yours so I cannot find release anywhere else,
{Though your temptation can only lead to relapsed addiction.}
Oh sweetie, the things I want to do to you,
While I have you on your back, hips rising to meet mine,
Caught in the sweat and chaos of a primal reaction.
But for those things I want will have to wait,
And I let you climb inside my body with a promise of a newfound self,
But for all your size and strength, I cannot seem to find that paradise, or release.
So I scratch and scream, twisting my body and heart to accommodate your sin,
(Boy, I think I liked you better as a stranger, with no attachments or questions)
Yet as soon as these thoughts race across my mind,
You move your hips and cock a little bit harder,
Hitting that spot that makes me see nothing but the blinding darkness,
And just like that I sink back into you,
Letting you have your way as you push my down, my ass bare for your eyes,
Your eyes linger along my hips and cunt without any shame,
Knowing that my body reacts to yours in ways that light the tiniest of embers,
And burns all else who try to claim it.



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