The Cruelty of Our Love

There is me, and than there is you,
Two fools who happened to cross paths,
And find stability in the utter chaos around us.
I found you, in the coldest part of my heart,
While you craved the darkness you sought in me.
So I’ll use you to ease into the noise of my cluttered mind,
And you can use me to try and tame you demons.
I think I see the Devil lapping at our heels,
To devour the saints we deluded ourselves into becoming,
For the tainted sinners we always were.

There is me. And now there is you,
Two scorned lovers in an exile bestowed only by those we’ve loved
(It doesn’t matter that they are we. Or we are they.)
I feel you in the deepest part of my bones,
Where my hands have found trouble and grace.
I lost it all when you dug yourself in my heart
Its ice and frost melting the waters that would flood my soul and
And that is the moment we drown.

There is me. There is you.
Two people who happened to know each other
From along time ago, from a past that is better left buried.
I want to fight, for what we had become, but I had be beaten and I was bruised.
So I‘ll sit here on the edge, holding onto every ‘if’ and every ‘maybe’,
Everything that crashed and brought us to our knees.
And we chase and we fall for the same thing every damn time.
But never into each other,
Now into the arms of something better, someone new.

Now there is me. Only me.
You’ve left to find yourself again,
Because you found you didn’t like who you became with me
You lost you mind, let it sink in the loudest part of our love,
So it fell in between the silence of the noise.
The thawed ice frozen once again, freezing back into place.
And the stability I found is numbing.

There is no longer me and there is no longer you.
Just two souls intertwined than detangled.
So we pray and pray, to be cleansed of the demon and devils
To find grace and peace in the walls of a pagan god.
Because I still feel the Devil lapping at our heels
Hungry for the sins we’ve yet to commit,
Waiting to wash away its innocence, and bath in the cruelty of our love.
We come to find the things we once found stability in,
Are the things that lead us further and further into the chaos of our broken minds.

16 thoughts on “The Cruelty of Our Love

  1. Lazarus Shatipamba says:

    I enjoyed reading this, I could feel the words you used tugging on the strings of my emotions, taking me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. No lie. I was listening to a sad instrumental beat whilst reading this beautiful piece and I was quite literally brought to tears. Oh! why do love stories have to go so awry? Makes me worry whether I’m doomed to watch the glory of love stories fade into history.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Navin says:

        You’re welcome!

        Hey FYI, I have sent you an invitation to re-follow my blog. There has been some glitches with notifications. So I had to “remove you”. Pls check your mail & accept the invite if you would still like to follow my blog. Alternatively, you may click on “Follow” button in your WP reader or visit my site ( & hit follow Navin’s poems 🙏✨💛

        Liked by 1 person

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