nights like these

On nights like these,
I always second-guess myself,
I begin to doubt us,
How can we be so, so good, so god we forget the bad,
Only to be reminded of everything horrible in a single word,
With a single sentence that cuts into our souls,
Hurtful and deep, resonating truth into the parts we keep buried,
And….I’m not sure what that means,
How can we be both these people?
How do we fix it…is there anything we can fix?
Is it worth it? Are we?
On nights like these, you’re here next you me,
But not the version I need you to be,
And that’s not fair, I shouldn’t expect you to conform to my fantasy of you,
Or the us we are in the sunlight,
But you can’t expect the same of me,
And we’re so stubborn, stuck in our ways
That I’m afraid we’ll forever be running in circles on nights like these

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