better than that…?

What makes me better than that?

Than the lies I tell,
Than the way I live, or love,

Because some days I find myself so much like the things I run from,
Or the people I tell myself I will never be like,

What makes me better than that?

Nothing, that’s the truth,

On days I admit it and on days I pretend I don’t.
I am not better than any soul that I encounter,
Because they are not me,
And as much as I wish I could rise above,

Shove my ‘better ways’ in the cosmos’ face,
I know it amounts to nothing,
And they all continue to live their lives,
As though my opinion doesn’t mater,
Because it doesn’t
And that is the truth I hide from,

So give me the strength to rise above,
To face the things I run from,
And to grow to be the person who is better for her worth and heart,
Not for what she hides from.

18 thoughts on “better than that…?

  1. Visions says:

    Beautifully honest, thing is there is no way to be except true to yourself, look at how you want to live and not how others live, everyone has secrets, some hide them better than others. That doesn’t make any of them better than you, you only imagine it does because you only know your own flaws, not theirs, because they don’t care. You have a beautiful heart and you are too hard on yourself. You feel and not everyone is like that. Celebrate your uniqueness and know that you’re good enough just as you are 🌺xxx

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  2. Kanjika says:

    The poem has a honesty that I really appreciate. I like how you put honesty above integrity we all try to be so consistent in our belives and common judgements that we never rise above being noble in our own fathomed world when all we need to do is be a honest and then we’ll be happier and move towards what is called eudaimonia. Hope to read more of your work and would love a feedback from you on one of my contents.

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