Late nights laughing at drunk texts we sent,
Stars hanging over our hearts,
We drove until the skin bled pink, and lavender,
And the blue in your eyes had never been more beautiful.
I feel in love when the sun rose over our heads,
And we made love in the sunlight.

I miss the way we worked so well,
Falling into sheets, tangled in laughter and cotton,
Late night conversations about the world we would create,
Where we could hide for a while, never worrying about the road ahead,
And the sun never set, sharing the sky with the moon,
I miss the nights we had,
I miss dreaming of you the way my mind created when I was in love,
The stars no longer shine for me to see.

Another shot; I need the high to carry me away,
I can’t stand to think of you,
Not when it’s still raw,
When I still bleed over you each night the blade cuts into me a bit deeper,
Those stars that witnessed our love, our chaos and mad love,
They’re black in the sky,
And I can never look at the blue sky the way I looked into your eyes,
Because I never imagined a world without you.
And now I’m stuck drifting along the coastline,
Gazing up into a sky that will never look the same.

7 thoughts on “coastlines

      • Bradley Sutherland says:

        You’re welcome! I’d love to talk to you more about your process, writing in general, coffee shop inspiration/distraction, etc. It’s part of a project I’m doing, trying to connect with others via casual coffee shop phone calls, recording the conversations/interviews, then releasing them on my blog. My email is if this is something you’d be interested in. If not, no worries, and I’ll continue to enjoy your writing! Thanks, and have a great day!!

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