in need of a new view sweetheart

Eyes opened,
Mind shut,
You still seem to think you’ve gotten the last laugh,
Because you show the world you’ve moved one,
Yet they never see the desperation burning under your skin,
Crawling out, clawing their way from your skin,
Their presence needed to be made known,
Nasty little demons you’ve let make themselves home,
They cling to the familiarity of the rot of your soul,
They fester and feed off the insanity you give,
But, you’ll never know what it’s like without their touch,
Because, without them, you are nothing.
Choice made, and behavior unchanged,
You are your choices,
Learn to live with them,
And not cast the blame, and perhaps one day you won’t need to find me,
Won’t need to know that I’m up to,
When you no longer have anything to do with me

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