the silent (forest)

The forest is silent tonight,
The stars twinkle above in the stillness of the black,
Beckoning me to look up,
As though the answers will be found above my head,
And when I come back down,
There she is,
Arms out stretched,
Waiting as though this is all she knows,
All I looked for,
But I fall to the grass and roll up to find the stars gazing down on me,
Beautiful, dazzling, distracting,
I didn’t feel her hand taking mine,
Guiding me deeper into the woods,
So caught up in the world above,
I couldn’t see what I was crashing into until it was too late….
But she made sure to be there then too,
To clean up my mess,
Absorb the toxins from my skin,
Clean me up,
And lay me back onto the grass, looking up at the stars,
Only to fall back into their mesmerizing hypnosis,
The cycle continues as a stars dies and another is born.
As though this is what she planned all along

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