glass ball

Repeated again and again,
Torn between breaking the glass,
Or tracing its outline,
Scared to interrupt the fragility of it all,
Afraid it will shatter the mess of us,
I can’t make up my mind,
I’m torn, between the obvious road,
And the path that I know my feet are already turned toward,
A place I can’t revisit,
I’ve been there too many times,
And the outcome never changes,
Though I love to fool myself into thinking it will,
Put you on repeat, in the back of mind,
And I hope the song will skip,
Shutter and fall silent in my head for just a little while,
If only to give me chance to think within your globe,
But that glass ball holds more than just a shaken memory,
And I will never be free,
Trapped inside the glass ball, screaming high enough to see the cracks,
Yet nothing can break apart the addiction you’ve caught me in…

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