those dreamless nights

It’s those dreamless nights,
The ones that I wake and black is all I see,
But I know there’s something missing,
A thought, a feeling,
Something I can’t cling too,
Or maybe I’m clinging too hard, to the one thing I can’t place,
Because it’s just out of my reach,
Faded into the darkness,
Just beyond my sight, so I lie awake,
Trying to fall asleep,
Trying to let the visions take hold once more,
But I still…can’t seem to fade away,
Those dreamless nights are the worst,
Nothing to distract me,
Nothing to keep me from staring into nothing,

And yet, my thoughts run wild, so many, vulnerable and raw,
Yet none of them can make sense of this…
I know the sun will rise,
And the light will bring a distraction to this darkened mind,
And I will cling to it, so hard that when the night settles down,
Those dreams will return to me,
And I’ll be left to wake in the middle of the night,
Staring into the dark, waiting for…waiting for something to find me the black…

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